I thought today might be calm and peaceful. Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!! I called back the infusion center because they never returned my voicemail. The guy looked me up in his computer and acted confused. He said he needed to talk to his supervisor and would call me back. By the time he called back, it was getting late for leaving for FNB. He said he had talked to several people and they wanted me to go up to Huntsman to get the port flushed, instead of the U. Uhhhhhhhh……OK. He transferred my call to the place he said he had just talked to. They, of course, were clueless. They transfered me to yet another infusion center. Those folks acted confused, too….but said to come on over.

I thought I might miss FNB, but made it just as the tables were being set up. Then my end of the line went first. There were maybe 3 dozen people behind me. It would have been a VERY bad day to be at the end! Look what I got. Mango juice box, cup of yogurt, small bread, yogurt dip and a sweet potato. Just as well, since I had to take it to the hospital with me.

When I got a block from the TRAX stop, the train went by. I went in Trader Joe’s to squander 15 minutes until the next one. I sampled a masala veggie burger with mango ginger salsa and had a bit of strawberry lemonade. I was surprised I actually liked the veggie burger. Tonight I read the ingredients online. No wonder I liked it. Potatoes, canola oil, carrots, green beans, water, bread crumbs, bell peppers, onions, corn, salt, green peppers, sugar, ginger, cellulose gum, spices, citric acid, turmeric, and mustard seeds. No dreaded beans or tofu. I like beans and tofu…just not all that much in patties. I didn’t buy anything. So, then I went out and got on TRAX to the hospital.

My internist was the one who was supposed to refer me for the port flush. It ended up being the hematologist. The place I went doesn’t usually flush ports, they usually just draw blood. The nurse was surprised to see me for that, but was done in less than 10 minutes!

Since I was near the office of the surgeon who did the hysterectomy, that left me with the hole in my belly, I decided to stop and ask how to get in touch with the wound care people I used to see there. The receptionist called back and a nurse came right out to get me! It seems to be my week to talk. We talked more than half an hour. This is the same woman who, 2 years ago, said I could not get wound care there since I didn’t have cancer….after I had the cancer operation that left me with a gaping hole and a wound vac attached. Hmmmmm….she has been awful nice ever since I mentioned suing their office that first year. She recommends putting vitamin E on the wound. Geeze.

By this time, I was half an hour overdue for Mestinon. I went down to the U of U hospital on my way back to TRAX and stopped in at the cafeteria for a bottle of chocolate milk. I took my meds and then it was time for my counseling appointment. I thought I was close to the building when I got off TRAX, but nope. It’s closer from my apartment than from the train station. I was only 5 minutes late, though.

I always enjoy talking to the counselor. We have similar religious and political beliefs, which is unusual around here. I had him laughing pretty hard with the long version of my latest medical SNAFU’s thanks to bureaucrats. He still thinks I stay amazingly sane throughout it all.

Came home and ate almond butter with apple butter on ww sourdough bread. Then I sat here like a limp blob and tried to get some strength back. Heather sent me a great picture of her chicken in the bath tub 🙂 Her chickens have scaly mites on their feet. The chickens have to soak them in something or other to get better. I am surprised this chicken is OK with the process. Maybe it feels good? All hens look forward to a day at the spa…..right?


It was 86 degrees here the last 2 days and 81 today. The wind just picked up and a storm is coming in. We are supposed to get rain the next three days. It was plaguing Heather in Oregon, so now it’s our turn. The desert appreciates it. Me, too! I don’t want to move or do anything for a few days. I used up more strength than I had, to get to those appointments. Good thing the Medrol is artificially hyping me up. I am not looking forward to the crash this weekend 😦 That’s what happened last week when the pills ran out. Sob city.

I am still feverish, still having night sweats, still the swollen glands in my head and neck. I want it to stop! You know what else I want to stop? I keep thinking my muscle tremors are a real live earthquake. Me? Paranoid?