It didn’t help much to rest yesterday evening or to sleep 9 hours last night. I went to bed with my eyes drooped and woke up that way. Chewing and swallowing breakfast has me weak and short of breath. It’s almost too much effort to type. My hands are like bazillion ton weights on the keyboard. I feel so not good 😦

Pfffffttttt….no wonder I went back to bed and slept the afternoon away. Until I opened the blog post back up, I had forgotten what I wrote and how I felt this morning. I would still be asleep, but an ambulance and fire truck came screaming in here. My windows were all wide open and I woke up quick, with my heart pounding. I am still tired and feel yucky. The Medrol pack rollercoaster is a tough one.

Well, that was weird! I was writing along and reading emails and all of the sudden, my wifi quit working. I kept putting in the password and it wouldn’t accept it. So, I turned the computer off and waited. I looked out the window, and there’s a cop car on the roof of the parking garage. I hope those events aren’t related. I have the new kind of router so that half of it is for my use and half is a publc wifi hotspot. Most people probably don’t even know Comcast does that to them. You supply the electricity and pay to rent the router, they expand their wifi network.

So, one minute the cop car is parked up there and the next minute, a biker-looking guy started leaning over the railing. I was afraid he was going to jump. He finally walked away.

Oh!!!! I got a letter saying I have temporary unlimited Paratransit privileges until July 31st. If my neuro sends them another letter by then, it will continue. But, like I keep saying, I can’t afford the $4 each way anyways. To the rich people who make policy, $8 for a round trip probably sounds like the deal of the year. Every entity like the apartment owners here and Paratransit think their charge or increase is just a little bit and won’t matter. It all adds up real quick on my income.

It’s hours later. I had to heavily edit every paragraph. It was scary to see just how disjointed and hard to understand my writing was. I am still having a hard time.