Another very exhausting night. Went to bed tired, woke up tired. Just took my last Medrol. Since the generic name for it is methylprednisolone, you can imagine it’s pretty much the same as prednisone. Here is a hilarious song about taking it.

I think it rained most of the night. I heard the sprinklers come on during the downpour. Way to waste precious water! Some places in Utah are under water restrictions. I have been disgusted by the squandering of water at this property ever since I moved here. The first year, we had a puddle with algae in it right in the curb cut to leave the front door. Not only was it stupid for wasting water, it was a falling danger on the slick slime.

I want my breakfast to just appear. I am hungry, but don’t have much strength. I need one of those things the Jetsons had.

I am surprised to see the skies have cleared. Later today, the word SNOW is in the forecast. This sure is crazy weather! We had a winter with almost no snow, then once it got hot and flowers are everywhere, the snow keeps showing up. Not to worry, though, back to 80’s in a few days. I am just waiting to see what the horizon looks like in an hour to decide if it’s a FNB day.

2 onion bagels, 3 white onions, greens, strawberries, 5 tomatoes, 2 peppers, 2 zucchinis, a half rotten cucumber and some spices for Indian curry. I was in the first half dozen people in line and went through twice. I wonder why less food is being picked up by FNB volunteers? These things are perfect for me, though.

It was rather nice. 50’s with a mix of sun and clouds. I needed my sunglasses. It always amuses me that I go out in a short sleeved shirt in this weather, while other folks are bundled up in down jackets, gloves and scarves.

I was in tons of pain while gone. It’s back! My head/neck/back swelling with pain has arrived on cue now that I am done with Medrol. It feels worse than ever. What the heck is causing it? The doc just said lupus, but that’s a pretty general statement. It’s cry-worthy. I also had a dozen or more major myoclonic jerks while waiting in line. Those things make every body part crunch from the sudden all over body jerk. They knock the breath right out of me. Tired of it! And today is like yesterday. I went to bed with a drooped eye and woke up with one. The left eye keeps shutting all the way….even in the nice, cool air 😦

Oh, I got yesterday’s mail today. There’s another bill from the hospital, asking for the same money my insurance company says I don’t have to pay. Sigh…..more phone calls.

I got very sleepy after my lunch of 2 artichokes. Slept more than 4 hours. Woke up to find Olive had pulled the artichoke parts from the garbage. I forgot she always does that. She never gets into any garbage but artichokes. When I woke up, all my ribs were sore from struggling to breathe in my sleep. When CPAP and oxygen aren’t enough, my MG is not doing well 😦 Now that I am awake and sitting up, my neck/head/back hurts soooooooo much.


This endlessly fascinates me. Twice a day, when I take Miralax, I pour water in a small juice glass. Then I add about a tablespoon of cherry syrup, then I dump in a capful of Miralax. It separates into layers before I stir it. Cherry on the bottom, then Miralax, then water. It looks cool 🙂 The cherry syrup is awfully sweet, but it has done a good job of alleviating gout pain.

Ever read Post Secret? Why are so many people afraid to say what they think or be who they are? After my crappy childhood, I realized that secrets are evil. If things have to be kept a secret, they fester. There are secrets about abuse. Secrets about stupid things we have done. Secrets about money. Secrets about feelings. I just don’t keep secrets….don’t tell me yours if I am not allowed to talk about them. There’s a blog in my feed reader that makes no sense to me. The person sanitizes what they say so much, that there is no substance left. I don’t even know what they are talking about. Passion, people! Where’s your passion????? Don’t you get so excited you are bursting to say things? Just do it!