When I wrote to the voice doc, he said he was going to tell the head voice doc what I said. Gee…..it’s about time, don’t ya think???? I woke up at 1:30 AM burning up, and there was a messsage from the head guy. “Thank you for the update and the report that treatment of MG helps your voice, and that the vocal exercises were too fatiguing and counterproductive. This is good feedback for *** *** and myself. I hope the neurologists can help you get the needed treatment.  *** ****, MD”  Well, at least me going through all that should help the next person with MG and dysphonia who shows up. I feel used and abused. I hope it was worth it.

Lack of steroids is a PITA. It used to be that sleep would strengthen my muscles for awhile. I totally hate waking up with my eyes drooped even more than when I fell asleep 😦 My head and neck are wicked bad painful. I have flung the window wide open and have the fan pointed at me to cool down. Olive is busy searching the night for things that move.

Usually, I turn most of my free yogurt into smoothies. Just now I ate one so I could take my meds. Wow! That was really good! 🙂 It’s called Oh My Yog! I had the one with wild Quebec blueberries. I highly recommend it. I remember the old days when Stonyfield yogurt was a few cow operation in NH. The owner was always at NOFA and MOFGA meetings. Now they are a giant company. The same thing happened with Brown Cow Yogurt in NY. I get that one free, too. But what I REALLY miss is Butterworks yogurt in Vermont. Oh. My, Gosh!!!!!! They make the best yogurt in the whole world. And the heavy cream they sell is soooooooo thick! I always loved going to visit their farm 🙂

My droopy eyes keep getting in the way of me reading. I used the fingers on both hands to lift up my forehead skin. My eyes opened and instantly my headache and neck stopped hurting. It’s amazing to think how much effort we all use, seemingly effortlessly, to keep our eyes open and hold our heads up. I hope you all appreciate the abilities you have!!!!!

Went back to bed and slept a few hours. Then it was time to go to FNB. Strange selection. 4 bags pita chips, vegetable broth, almond horns, 4 boxes organic mac & cheese, ginger cookies, a stack of peanut energy bars, Brown Cow maple yogurt, candies, an jalapeno and grapes. I got all excited about the almond horns. I thought the expiration date said 4-31-15. I ate one and it was pretty darn stale. I retrieved the box and it said 1-31. That’s when I realized duh….April only has 30 days in it. I gave the peppermint patties to my next door neighbor. I loathe peppermint and she likes it.

About 4 PM, my body went nuts all over. My skin is creepy and burning. It feels like every single lymph node from head to toes is swollen and every joint hurts like heck. As I wrote that, I realized that last night was the last of my cherry syrup. Does gouty arthritis come back that quick? Booger brains! I forgot to take cherry capsules in its place. See, good thing I write down my life. It helps me to remember. Feels like lupus and WNV stuff to me. My hip muscles are cramping, my hip and shoulder bursitis is mad and my belly is swollen way out and is hot to the touch. My whole body hurts sooooooo bad! I was even tempted to take a pain pill earlier, but didn’t. So far I am practicing enduring. I am working on the same bottle of pain pills I got 2 years ago June. I think I have written about every single one I have taken. Quite a few people here go through bottles worth each week 😮 To the best of my recollection, I have never worn a pain patch. One of those at the base of my neck or my left shoulder might work. This is some very intense pain 😦

Earlier, I stripped the bed so my laundry lady could do the laundry. Right in front of her, I started screaming. Taking the sheet off made rows and ridges of muscle cramps go all over my lower back. I never remember that particular sensation before. Mega pain deep into my spine.