I fell asleep thinking about all the things my neurologist said. I remembered a lot more. I hope I remember again today 🙂 I started researching types of MS. Docs have been saying I have or might have MS for at least three decades. Each time I read a bit. When I was yonger, I decided mine definitely had to be relapsing-remitting. My strength ebbed and flowed for years. I found a list of MS variants.

As I have been studying each of the various diseases docs think I might have, all I can say is that many of them sound alike and I have symptoms from each of them. Is there really a name for all that’s going on with me? My Vermont docs were right all along. Whatever it is, it’s my own personalized version…..and they were probably right that I am an alien who is having a hard time adapting to this earth :-p

I have had a heck of a time breathing all the way to the bottom of my lungs today. I want to start that Medrol dose pack REALLY bad!!! On Monday, the woman at the U said she would call me back that day or the next. Still no call. I can’t have Medrol in my system for the test, so I don’t dare take it if it might be soon. This sucks 😦 I will call her Thursday.

Today has been overcast, sometimes rainy, sometimes windy. I heard thunder, too. We need that water here in the desert. I have been having difficulty chewing and swallowing, so have mostly been eating yogurt and having smoothies. I had a yogurt-kefir-banana-apricot smoothie for breakfast. By lunch, I was craving something solid. I figured I should be able to chew potato pancakes. I used my food preocessor to shred potatoes, added some onion, an egg, salt and pepper. Preheated the waffle iron and made the potato pancake mix into two waffles 🙂 Yup, easy to chew.

It didn’t take long after lunch….I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I napped 4.5 hours. I am still tired and my eyes are still seeing double and blurry. Monday I only had to go a block, but Tuesday it took about an hour each way for the neuro appointment. This time I was able to take TRAX part way. That was tons more energy than I had to spare. The theme for today is exhaustion. I am so weak that everything is a struggle.

After 6 PM, there was a knock on my door. By the time I got up, no one was at the door, but a box. Olive got a present! 🙂 She thanks the nice person who sent it 🙂

The packing box was busted wide open and the inside box was coming out. I looked out the window just in time to see a white van go by that said OnTrac. I have never seen them deliver to this building before, so I looked them up. The reviews aren’t good!

And speaking of thanks, I love my new polarized sunglasses. They make a huge difference. When I don’t use strength squinting, my eyelids don’t droop as much 🙂 I think that was part of what helped so much yesterday.


My attention span and memory are shot. I keep trying to read up more about CIDP and MS variants, but it hurts my brain. Maybe tomorrow….

Today I never got dressed and never left my apartment. I really don’t remember a whole lot about today.