Yup, the steroids helped undroop my eyes and give me my voice back, but I feel sick and just generally yucky. I woke up very queasy and expected to feel better soon. No such luck. I feel guilty that I got what I wanted….to see and to talk….but mad that those gifts don’t do me much good when I feel too sick to go hang out in the public areas or even to go for a spin in my power wheelchair to take flower pics.

Dang it! Health is more than having a few select body parts that work. With IVIg I get days that I feel fairly well all over. With steroids it feels counterfeit. I am not well, I am just faking it, somewhat. I guess I need to work on my gratefulness and the law of attraction. I want to attract good health and to feel more grateful and at peace.

I took a video. Actually I did two. No matter how hard I tried, I still look sad and sick. I wanted to be more bouncy. I could never be a good poker player. My eyes give me away.