Virga isn’t typical of the northeast, but it happens a lot out here in the desert. Storm clouds gather, it looks like it’s raining, but the moisture evaporates before it gets to the ground. This went on for 6 or 8 hours today. Although I have watched this many times, today was the most dramatic. The dark fingers hung way down from the clouds…and oh, my gosh!!! The wind was ferocious! The weather guy says that the evaporation sets the wind up. I thought the screens were going to break. Our power went out. Very cool πŸ™‚

Ummmm….oh, oh, the news just came on again, and said there was a microburst here in downtown. It showed the big tree that fell on the power lines and made our power go out.

The wind was just starting as we waited for the food to show up. There were merely ocassional bursts of wind. I had to be careful not to get grit in my eyes. At least I am only starting to droop on one side. Geeze….I look like a chipmunk. I didn’t even realize there were missionaries walking towards me. Look over my shoulder πŸ™‚

I was the very last person in line today at Food Not Bombs. Most of the boxes had very little in them.Β I got 3 bagels, 2 loaves sourdough bread, yogurt, onion, 2 tiny potatoes, Brussels sprouts, 2 zucchinis, a summer squash, a sweet potato, mango salsa and some broccoli.


I microwaved the sweet potato and then some leftover salmon. Cut up tomato and avocado and served it with mango salsa. That’s my only meal today. Yummmmmy πŸ™‚ One of my neighbors came to visit as I was just starting to eat. She was amazed that I eat so well. Me, too!

Dang! The one closing lid earlier was not an anomaly. Someone turned gravity up exponentially. I went to get out of my chair and struggled big time. I felt like I weighed a bazillion tons. Even with my walker, I can barely stand. I hate getting weak again 😦 I am back to having an MG snarly face. My smiling muscles quit working. Breathing is getting harder, too.


Olive has been busy relaxing. She’s giving me “the look” because I woke her up to take her picture.


I found me online in a picture of the MG meeting two Saturdays ago.

Darn it! I already forgot what it was like to be weak and droopy. I took lots of pics today. Holding the camera up and keeping it still was an awful lot of work.