All the things I did this week? I am paying for it!!! I hurt all over and I am weaker than yesterday. The back of my head is swollen and sore. My lymphs and glands are all swollen up. This morning I had fasciculations on my face, tongue and down my throat. For a couple of hours, the left side of my face got swollen and numb and the left eyelid drooped. My skin feels raw and painful all over. The hand arthritis is sometimes excruciating. I am super dizzy. My voice worked earlier today, but crashed. Boo, hiss….the bad stuff is trying to come back in force.

I went to FNB. Nice weather, but the wind kept blowing desert grit in my eyes. It was perfect at 11 AM, then the clouds covered the sun and it got chilly. I went through the line three times. It was snack day. Hatch chili popcorn, veggie chips, sesame sticks, 2 coconut waters, 2 mangoes, 2 potatoes and 3 red bananas.

Came home and read emails for 3 hours, then it was time for my counselor to come visit. He has never been to my house before. I am glad I asked if he would come here this week 🙂 During the hour, it got darker and darker, then began to rain. I hate being out on my power wheelchair in the rain.


Today for brunch,  I grilled 2 slices of whole wheat sourdough bread and cubed them, cut up 2 tomatoes, added some bacon, mayo, salt and pepper. Mix it all together and it’s easier to eat as a salad than a sandwich. For supper I grilled a sesame bagel and used a tub of free cream cheese I got at FNB weeks ago. It was sealed and tasted fine. I wish I had enough energy to cook. I am hungry for lots of veggies.

There’s a bad word in the news tonight….snow. It’s supposed to snow on the highest mountains.

I look and feel like heck 😦 Yesterday sure was nice, though 🙂