I went to bed early, then woke up at 4 AM. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. Everything hurts. I am swollen from head to toes and in tons of pain from arthritis. It hurts like heck to breathe. I look awful. Why is it that when I get like this, the middle fingers on both hands are way more swollen and painful than the other fingers? That’s one of those life long mysteries that keeps happening. And ow! My head hurts soooooo bad! The back of my head/top of my neck swelled up. All the roots of my teeth hurt.

I didn’t do anything weird. I didn’t eat anything weird. I was doing OK when I went to sleep. It’s as if aliens came got me and dragged me all over the galaxy, then put me back in my bed. Really, what the heck happened?

I hate the part about steroids that makes my face rounder and rounder 😦 And….how come it hurts so bad to breathe today? My head pain is getting exponentially worse. Ugh….I feel awful. It’s not just MG, feels like lupus and Sjogren’s and who knows what else? My eyes are not happy. My guts hurt. I am super, super dizzy. On one hand, I have been through this a bazillion times before, but why???? Did someone flip a switch? Is there anything I can do to stop the ramping up of my symptoms? I feel extra whiny because I got to feel so much better from IVIG, then somewhat better thanks to steroids. I want to feel alive again! Instead, I am swirling down the toilet bowl of pain and disability. This sucks.

My legs are giving out underneath me, my arms hurt. Joints all over me are screaming in pain. I thought I might feel better after meds. Nope. Worse. And what’s up with the ringing ears? It’s hard to hear sounds around me over the ringing in my head. I have that sensation that my ears hurt so bad they are bleeding. Hate that! Sob 😦

Must. Calm. Down.

A short cry actually helped. Seemed to bring down the pressure in my head. It hurts to touch my scalp. I was trying to figure out what’s plaguing me this time. Who knows? In the past, my docs have suggested neuralgia. Maybe?

Usually….lately…..I have been getting numb right down the middle on my left side. After this morning’s intense pain, I am getting numb on the right. My face feels like a novacaine shot is wearing off. Time for a nap!