Pat Bagley, the cartoonist, says….What do you do if you’re a right wing demagogue and you’ve just been given the top education job in Utah? You insult teachers, short change students, tell parents they’re to blame for underperforming schools, and then assure your friends in the private sector that they’ll make money hand over fist as you privatize our most important public trust.

I want him to do one about women with MG in Utah breaking out in a rash of conversion disorder :-p Statistically men and women get conversion disorder equally….but in Utah it’s women with MG who suddenly have this :-p Funny how the women who have been told this……moved to another state, and resumed proper MG care, huh?

On the news tonight, found out we had rain 23 out of 31 days. It was the 5th wettest May on record. I liked it! The mountains are the greenest I have ever seen them since moving here. I am not a fan of brown, naked mountains.

What I like best about Utah this year is the warm winter and cool summer. The last couple of days were too hot and I had to close the windows and put on the A/C at night. Unfortunately the hot weather coincided with a blankety blanking fever on my part. I spent much of my awake time with a cold washcloth on my hot neck. I miss having Heather around to stick ice in my ears 🙂

It has been a challenge to try to figure out my Mestinon dosage right now. I don’t need it every six hours like before. I tried 8 hours and that was OK, so I skipped to 12 and that was awful. I got really bad double vision that didn’t want to go away. Next I will try 9 hours, then 10. Most of the time my breathing hasn’t been bad! Amazing 🙂 My nemesis is still gut problems. Ugh……that and incredible fatigue.

I had my usual 4 hour nap today. It comes on fast. One minute I am fine, the next minute I feel like I am going to pass out. I go crawl in bed, and that’s all I remember until I wake up 4 hours later. Kinda creepy to hit like that. My body must be in heavy duty repair mode.

Another hot day on Monday, then cooler. Ahhhhhhhhhhh……..