I did get dressed and take out garbage and recycling. I hadn’t checked the mail Friday or Saturday, but the mailbox was the usual empty. I talked to my 2 favorite old guys for awhile, then came back to my apartment and napped a few hours. Didn’t wake up until 9 PM.

I gave up on trying to stay cool with my windows open. I finally closed them and turned on the A/C for the first daytime stint of coolness. Ahhhhhhhhh…….why didn’t I do that before? Stubborn, I guess. My local weather station says it was 97.7 yesterday and 95 today. Way too hot for me! Like an idiot, I spent my waking hours yesterday covered in cold, wet cloths with a fan pointed at me. It wasn’t enough. I hate feeling locked up inside.

My MG is mostly behaving, I have a fever and my guts are not happy. That pretty much summarizes my health. I am still very, very surprised that I feel better after stopping Mestinon for a week, then starting it again. I wasn’t expecting improvement! My voice still works just fine. Nifty 🙂

June is myasthenia gravis awareness month. I overdosed on seeing posts about that. More than anyone, I want my DOCTORS to be aware of MG and all that means. Hardly any of them know much about myasthenia.