Rather late last night, I decided I needed to eat a real meal. Last month I had bought 6 sirloin steaks for $10.77. I froze them all. I took one of the bags out the day before. It was still partially frozen, but that made it even easier to slice very thinly. I also cut up a head of broccoli, white onion, red pepper and a serrano pepper….all from FNB. I stir fried the veggies, set them aside, then stir fried the beef. When that was done, I mixed everything together and added oyster sauce. While I was doing that, my rice cooker was making jasmine rice. I had half for supper and half for today’s lunch. Both times I meant to take a pic, and both times I was so hungry and it smelled so good, that I forgot. Trust me, it looked gorgeous and tasted even better ๐Ÿ™‚

The bad part about that was just how weak I was. I do not know how I made it! I got so soaked in sweat from the effort to stand, that my nightgown could be wrung out. I could feel sweat trickling out of my head and my hair was dripping. I had to towel it dry. I was shaking so hard from MG exhaustion that I wasn’t sure I could pick up the plate or manage to eat. Once I got to my comfy chair, I had to point the fan on me while it was going full blast. Once I started to cool down and rest, I began to get stronger ๐Ÿ™‚

From that moment on, I felt better. And better. And better! Today I was queasy for a few hours, but after that, I perked up. I felt better today than I have in a long time ๐Ÿ™‚ The fuzzy brain from yesterday was replaced with a fairly sharp mind today. The darn fever broke and all that painful arthritis went away. I was soooooo grateful. Hard to believe I could improve so quick. My major problem today was wicked bad dizziness. My body seems to be fighting an epic war. I hope it’s in my favor.

I talked all afternoon and into the evening ๐Ÿ™‚ I caught up with many of the nice people in this building and found out how they were doing. I also ended up in the middle of a fight ๐Ÿ˜ฎ There’s a person here that has taken advantage of me several times, and I wrote about it. I continued to be cautiously polite to them. This is awkward. I respect people who are transgender or gay or lesbian or of any color or nationality or whatever. A few of each are friends of mine in this building. But I don’t know what to make of the bully. Sometimes this person identifies as a man, sometimes a woman. You never know the preference of the day. If you use the wrong pronoun or the wrong masculine or feminine name for that moment, fireworks often ensue. I try to never have to call this person by name as I have been burned too many times.

Well, the bully started shouting at a woman, calling her a liar, ignorant, ugly, and worse. She hadn’t said or done anything to provoke that attack. I was in a circle with other people when the bully moved their chair forward to get at the woman. They squished my foot between their wheelchair and mine ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I backed up and the bully then took that opportunity to put their face in front of the woman while screaming at full blast, insanely angry. I was scared! The woman stuck out her foot and pushed the bully back. Luckily someone ran for the manager. He broke things up. Later he came to me to ask what happened. Why does he trust my viewpoint? I am tired of being around crazies!

Found out that a guy I see daily, even if I never leave my apartment, is in ICU. He seems to smoke non-stop and is always zooming around on the sidewalk or in the parking lot in his power chair. He had been losing weight, coughing constantly and looking poorly. Oh, oh.

Two new tenants have moved into my hallway. So far, so good. One is a developmentally disabled senior. She seems sweet. The other woman may or may not smoke. Here’s hoping they are good neighbors! My next door neighbor will be moving out in a few days, so once her place is re-done, I will be getting a neighbor there. My old next door neighbor is in hospice, so who knows how long she will last? Lots of moving to a care home, dying or going on to better places. Smoking is a very bad idea on so many levels! This is the fastest turn over since I moved here. There are lots more new people in the rest of the building, too.

There’s a 50/50 chance of thunderstorms when FNB is supposed to happen. Not sure what the odds will be when the time comes. We shall see.