Maybe it’s not just me? After talking to a bunch of people, there seem to be gut problems and fever going around. Once I get something, my body puts its own spin on it, though.

I got up at 7 AM, went back to bed around 11, got up after 3, felt better after 7 PM and went on a grocery expedition from 7:30 to 9:15. I got on TRAX at Courthouse, got off at Rancho Market, bought yummy cheap things like tomatoes, squash and yellow onions for 3lbs/$1. I got a pound of ground pork for $1.49….and a few more good things. While on the high-up North Temple bridge, I saw the sunset. It was beautiful!

Got home and sat out front talking for half an hour. At 10 PM, it was still 80 degrees and the breeze was just right. The high was in the 90’s. When I finally came home and put away the food, I stuck my head under cold water in the sink. I had the A/C on ever since I fell asleep, then opened the windows tonight.

I love this part of summer when I can go shopping late to avoid the worst of the sun and heat. I was exhausted right after shopping, but got my second wind. Typing is quite painful tonight. I have both hand arthritis and the tendons and ligaments are catching and hurting. The tops of my hands are swollen. Ouch. But….I can still talk! 🙂