I woke up at 4 AM Tuesday, choking. I recognized the smell, but didn’t know what it was until I turned on the TV. Duh! They said that our breeze is coming from the lake. The big, stinky lake. Yuck.

Last night was awesome. We had the best thunder and lightning storm I have ever seen in Utah. They have been showing people’s pics on the news. Here’s a page of those pictures.

It got dark around 6:30 PM Monday. For all the wind, thunder and lightning, we didn’t get much rain here in SLC. Lately, it has been staying light until almost 10 PM.

Until I got online Tuesday, I didn’t even remember my blog. I never wrote anything last night. Sunday and Monday were spent feeling real sick. Monday I was pretty much in a stupor. I hardly remember anything but feeling the misery.