I sat around and cried…..and rushed to the bathroom….and cried some more. My life can be divided in two. There are days when my guts don’t move enough thanks to gastroparesis and the hernia. And there are days when anything I have eaten is in a rush to get out of town. I don’t like either feeling!

Today my groin and abdominal lymph nodes are swollen and painful 😦 They have been bothering me for a few days now. Today, online, I met an adult woman who had never taken antibiotics. Blew my mind. I seem to always have an infection somewhere. And a fever to go with it. And a headache to go with that.

It hurts to breathe. I knew something was not right when I woke up in the middle of the night hurting everywhere. My muscles are sore, my skin feels on fire and raw. The stupid erythromelalgia has my feet bright red. When I took a shower, they went neon red.

I did nothing but sit in my chair, burning up, rushing to the bathroom and getting chills…..over and over. Someone knocked on my door, but I just sat here crying. No way was I answering.

Tonight the lymph nodes are throbbing. Anybody want a few diseases? I have some I would gladly give up.