Today is the hottest day of the year to date, over 100 in my neighborhood. The stench from pigeon shit is unbelievable. I looked out my window to see hordes of pigeons under the tree and on the sidewalk. The sidewalk has more pigeon shit on it than I have seen since last year when my neighbor was told to quit feeding them there. Well, now that the neighbor is gone, a new woman has taken up the cause. I told her she wasn’t supposed to feed any birds there. She fed them even more.

My apartment smells sooooo bad! And the ammonia from all that crap fermenting in this heat, makes my eyes sting. I have developed a strange raspy, gravelly voice and a new rattley cough. I was sitting here with the A/C on. All it does is refrigerate the smell. I turned off the A/C and opened the window to be hit with gagging smells. That did it!

I put on clothes and went out to see the manager. He was dealing with the keeper for the nutcase guy who uses racial slurs and plays with himself by the dumpster. I do have sympathy for the manager. While we were talking he had all sorts of other issues going on with the workers rehabbing apartments, the maintenance man and other tenants. He sat down with me and PROMISED to stop the bird feeding ASAP, to cover the bird crap with lime and to put down new dirt…then have the landscapers replant there.

I got back to my apartment feeling relieved that was the plan. My window was still open and the reek in here was GROSS! I flopped into my comfy chair and along comes the other glaring problem. There are two women here who chain smoke and have little dogs. They stop right smack dab in front of my windows multiple times a day to let their dogs pee and poop. You can imagine how that smells 4 feet from my window…..both the cigarette smoke and the excrement.

There is a dog walking area complete with doggy waste bags and a covered can. It is NOT here by my window. It was all I could do to keep from screaming my brains out and running for the manager. I have been mad about the damn dogs and their owners for about a year now. No matter how many times they are told NOT to be irresponsible by the management, they continue to do it.

Ironically…or not!…it’s the same 3 women with the dogs and birds who cause way more than their fair share of trouble around here. There are 80 apartments and I don’t even know who lives in half of them. Troublemakers live to cause trouble, I guess. It’s the same old group of drinkers, smokers, dopers, noisemakers. They do it all. Other people do not impose their lifestyles on all of us. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…………

I went out and got my mail. Medical records from Heather! I wasn’t very interested in medical terms or even the particulars of treatments in the old days. Now it’s really easy to look it all up online. I am discovering things I never knew or had forgotten. A few times on my blog I have written about when I close my eyes, I fall over. My Florida neuro wrote about that. He said I have a positive Romberg sign.

And last year(?) I had my Ig levels tested. I had low IgM. I just found mention of a test from 2006 that showed my IgA was above normal. Hmmmmmm……nothing about me makes sense. I really, really wish I could get my hands on every single medical note and test for my whole lifetime! Might be scary, though. Just in the few papers I got today, there sure are a lot of mistakes in the records 😮

I especially think my rheumatologist in the Adirondacks was a bit nuts. He wanted me on Rituxin really bad. He even wrote in my notes that he was the second largest practioner who prescribed Rituxin in the US. I also know he made a ton of money doing that and retired very wealthy and moved to Colorado to do serious mountain bike riding. My Vermont neuro was one of the first docs in the US to do clinical trials that studied Rituxin for MG. He refused to let the rheumatologist give it to me, and insisted I get IVIg. That whole thing still cracks me up.

Ugh, it’s almost midnight and the pigeon crap is getting to me. I tried A/C on, then windows open, then exhaust fan on with the windows open and with windows closed and A/C on. The stench is overpowering 😦 My lungs hurt like crazy….and so does my head.