I stayed awake for two hours this morning, then slept for 5 hours this afternoon. I am seriously wondering if the swollen lymph nodes, fever and chills is at all related to the pigeon crap. It still stinks in here….BAD 😦 This is all too similar to what happened when there was the mold growth around my A/C last year.

Before dark, I went out and looked around the pigeon crap wasteland. There’s a bird bath-like bowl out there in the weeds, full of nasty, black water. That can’t be helping. Each night when the sprinkler comes on, it gets water in it, each day it evaporates in the desert air. You can imagine the sludge in the bottom 😮

The manager said it would be dealt with, or he would come here Saturday and take care of it himself. I will believe it when I see it.

Today the swollen lymphs are really bad in my throat and near my ears. I am sick enough without other people making me worse. Besides the pigeon crap, the cigarette smoke has been thick all day. None of us can figure out who is smoking so much and filling the bathroom exhausts with it.

As if stuff here at the apartment isn’t enough, there’s more news about the corruption and conspiracy that has almost killed a few of us women with MG in Utah. The letter I read tonight was almost identical to my experience. I don’t want to say much more because it’s being litigated. But wow…..just wow!