This year the manager divied up a plot of land not much bigger than my flower bed in the Adirondacks. I wanted no part of it. I learned my lesson in the Adirondacks! And around here, the dogs do their business on EVERYTHING. There is no way I would eat food grown here or could stay sane watching what was done to my flowers…..let alone deal with crazy tenants.

Just before midnight a woman and her husband came to my window to say hi to Olive and tell me about the big flower and weed fight. A couple of women went at it about what space belongs to who and what’s a flower and what’s a weed. Apparently the fight went off and on all day. Jealousy is a terrible thing. I am glad this time I have nothing to do with the whole mess.

Oh, geeze….sounded like shots fired…..then almost instantly there are LOTS of sirens.

I have been miserable all day and all night long. I took a nap Saturday afternoon and I think it only made me feel worse 😦

I went to bed at 2 AM, got up about 9 AM. I did hear a gunshot at midnight. Some guy lunged at a cop with a knife. They shot him. I thought one TV station said he had died, but the 10 PM news says he is in serious condition.

I woke up a couple of times in the early morning to smoke and hazy skies. From what I can figure out, it must be from wildfires in Utah….although it could be from further away fires. Makes me cough and choke.

I took a shower. The second I took off the bandaid, blood started pouring down my arm. It’s rather frightening in the shower. Blood spatters EVERYWHERE. Yuck!

This is getting ridiculous. Between all the blood and the incredibly awful queasiness, something is very much not right. Did my lupus anticoagulant problem come back? Is it lymphoma? Do I have something else wrong? I am going to need to find out. It’s that darn impending doom feeling that I just can’t seem to shake. I feel really awful 😦

After church, two men who are my Home Teachers, came to visit. I kept the windows open for the visit, because it was the least of two evils for the pigeon poop. One man works at the temple and said he will submit my name for prayers and blessings. Once they left, I turned on the A/C. Gag. Stupid pigeons! Until I started talking to the men, I didn’t know my voice was broken. In any other situation, I would have burst into tears, but I was happy just to have nice people visit. Now that they are gone, I am very bummed about my voice 😦 I guess it’s a combo of being too hot, the air and whatever is making me sick right now. I have a headache from hell 😦 I had a heck of a time both talking and breathing. I don’t like slipping back into MG weakness. Sigh…..

I am just no fun any more. Olive is, though.