Soon after I published the blog Sunday night, there was a big BOOM! Then the power went out. I almost always hear a boom like that at the instant of a power outage. Is it because I live a block from the power transfer station? Scares the beejeepers out of me every time. This has been a frustrating microwave clock year. Each time I get around to resetting the clock, the power goes off again.


The bigger red spot keeps bleeding. My face was trashed as a teen when I had cystic acne. My siblings and I have scarred up faces from it.

I feel really awful tonight. I went to bed for an hour of fitful sleep and have been awake an hour. I have to go to the hospital in the morning to get my port flushed. I already don’t want to go 😦


Ummmmm….a close-up of my arm looks awful. What’s with all the peeling? The bigger red spot is where it wouldn’t stop bleeding. The tiny dark red crystalized blood dot underneath is how the big one started.

One good thing is that my arm finally stopped bleeding. What’s weird is that it looks like there is fresh blood on that spot….but it’s just under the skin. My face has an almost identical spot that starts dripping blood when I touch it. My belly is the same. Incredibly, it looks like a section of my belly wound is healing shut, while at the same time, there is a perpetual bloody spot.


Geeze….now my belly button looks like a triple. At the bottom of the raw spot, next to the belly button, that is a newly healed shut part of the belly wound. The puckers from cutting my belly in half are never going to go away. I still mourn my belly button being displaced and flattened. There is an unhealed section below the newly healed spot. Nice to see more progress after 2 years. I want to go swimming again some day!

Yup….leaving the house was difficult. I will be sitting perfectly still and the wall looks like it moves, distorts, bounces and spins. When out in the big world, I am so dizzy from movement and color and light that I am perpetually on the verge of barfing. It felt awful 😦

The nurse kept asking if I needed water or had low blood sugar or if there was anything she could do. After she fussed at me a few times, I showed her my arm and told her it wouldn’t stop bleeding. She went to her nursing supervisor to see if they could take blood for testing as long as my port was being accessed, but the answer was I needed to see a doc for the order.

I was home, still trying not to barf, when my neurologist’s office called. My voice was broken. I have an appointment in a week and a half. Then soon after that, it’s time for my next hearing with the administrative law judge for IVIg. Here’s hoping somebody, somewhere will be able to help me. I feel yucky.