I wish I knew what “it” is. Every breath and every movement hurts my ribs. Something inside my right rib cage is pushing my ribs apart. It’s a very unpleasant feeling. I haven’t left home since Monday, when I went up to the hospital for a port flush. I hardly remember this week.

Saturday is another real, live MG support group meeting. I find myself wishing I could go to the ER and actually be helped, instead. It bums me out big-time to think I was feeling this bad last time there was a meeting. Although I enjoyed the meeting on some level, I was so out of it that I don’t remember much of that, either. It really sucks to live my life feeling so miserable, when it only takes a few hours of IVIg to make me human again.

I talked to the disability lawyer by email today. Even though I appreciate the help…..the fact that it’s needed at all really, really sucks. My doctor should be allowed to treat me as he sees fit, without me having to do legal battle. Not feeling amused. Feeling like death warmed over 😦