Ack! This is the third month this year to break hot temperature records. February, March and June are the hottest months on record ever for Salt Lake City. I liked that in February and March and don’t like it for June. The airport weather is less intense than the city weather, so it’s even worse than what’s on the news. The airport was 104 today.

The central 9th Wunderground station says it was 119 yesterday and 115 today. What really, really sucks about the hot weather is bad air. There are mandatory restrictions for transportation…but it sure is hard to tell.  Most people around here are “too good” to take public transportation 😦 It literally makes me sick. Cough….cough, choke….choke. It’s gross at rush hour.

Speaking of air quality, the pigeon crap is on again, off again in intensity. I saw the landscapers today. I hope they are finally going to cover up the nastiness. They haven’t yet.

I went out to the public areas of this building for a few minutes. I needed some copies made. My voice kept going between broken and OK. Seemed like everybody was coughing 😦 Ambulances and fire trucks have been here a lot. None of us could figure out who they have been visiting. Just in the few minutes I was out there, there was a line of people going to the manager to complain that their A/C’s weren’t working. I am glad I live in the shadow of the building. I am also glad I turn my A/C off every afternoon. The old guy says that keeps the unit from freezing up. I just get tired of being refrigerated and switch to evaportaive cooling. I get in the shower clothed, then sit in front of the fan with the window open. At night, before bed, I turn the A/C back on again and close the window.

At 5 AM, I got up to take meds. My blood sugar was 178 😮 Then I went back to bed and got up around 11 AM. My blood sugar was 125. I guess it’s the dawn phenomenon. That’s why my a1c is always higher than I think it’s going to be.

As I type, I am watching channel 5 NBC local news. The station is owned by the LDS church. They were talking to Senator Orrin Hatch. It was all I could do not to puke. He sure puts a very different spin on very bad US policy. Too many people in this state listen to stuff like that, don’t care about the deep down issues, don’t read or listen to other sources and vote straight Republican, smiling as they financially and otherwise doom themselves and their children 😦 In Utah, people can choose to vote for just Republicans, using one check mark, without bothering to learn about each candidate or what they stand for. That’s how we got the last two corrupt attorney generals who are accused of all sorts of bad things and are fighting in court for their freedom. I still cannot get it out of my head that the attorney for one says it’s just business as usual to accept bribes. And most people in Utah barely bat an eye!

I don’t feel well, but what else is new?