About an hour after I went to sleep last night, I woke up and sat bolt upright while clawing off my CPAP mask. I couldn’t breathe. I felt the tubing, sure there must be a hole. There wasn’t. Then I realized the oxygen concentrator was not going.

With all the fans on, the A/C running and the CPAP making noise, it’s no wonder I didn’t notice the concentrator was quiet. Then I remembered. As I leaned over to turn that machine on last night, I saw one of my pillows on the floor. I used the oxygen concentrator to lean on while retrieving the pillow. Then I was wicked bad dizzy. I rolled over and fell asleep. I remember pulling the mask away from my face to get a good breath just before I conked out. Duh!

What a humongous relief when I went back to sleep with oxygen flowing. Ahhhhhhhh……..

I honestly cannot recollect anything about the day, other than extreme pain. It felt like someone put a hydraulic jack between my ribs and just kept cranking.

Around 4:30 PM, I put clothes on and went out to the lobby to wait for my lawyer. She came to pick up paperwork from me. While I was waiting, people kept coming over to talk to me. I had many, many wicked jolts of pain while out in public. So embarrassing 😦 I was glad once the papers were out the door and I could come back to my apartment to hide.

I called Paratransit for a ride to my doc appointment tomorrow. Since it’s $4 each way, I only booked a trip to the doc, not home. It’s so hot out there that roads all around the Salt Lake Valley are buckling from the heat 😮 One news story took the temperature of playground equipment. The one I saw was 195 degrees 😮 Kids were getting badly burned 😦  Fox 13, video of buckling roads.

My local weather station said it was 108 degrees today. The good news is that there’s a 60% chance of a thunderstorm overnight. The bad news is that there might not be rain….just the thunder and lightning. We already have too many wildfires. The air quality is horrid. There are elephants sitting on my chest. Way too hot! We never even got this hot last year…..and now it’s going on day after day. Ummmmm…..yikes!