I took this pic while sitting in my comfy chair earlier today. I was hoping they were going somewhere and would move the van. It blocks me from watching the road and people walking by.

For a week or so, some derlict looking guy has been sleeping out in this van. The woman who owns the vehicle lives here. I don’t know who the guy is. She already has a husband. The guy and the van owner spend a lot of time hanging out in the van, talking and smoking. I get woken up early and I get woken up late.

Tonight I was enjoying sitting here in the dark, looking out my open window. The guy comes out, gets in and starts smoking. There were voices out there, too. I had to shut my window and my blinds. His bed is exactly where I look while sitting in my comfy chair. The vertical blinds in both the living room and bedroom do not shut tight. It feels really creepy that he is positioned perfectly to look in both of my windows 😦 Whether the window is open or shut, the smoke sucks in here. It’s the same, sweet but gross drug smell, that used to be out there from the woman who tried to burn the building down at Christmas 😦

The parking lot isn’t even a quarter filled. There are lots of spots away from the building. I am not amused 😦 A few days ago, the manager was laughing and talking to the guy, so he must know who he is. Of course the manager wasn’t here Friday and he won’t be here over the weekend. Why the heck is this strange man allowed to sleep out there? The last guy who slept in the parking lot was hauled off to jail for outstanding warrants.

What the heck???? How would you feel in this situation? What would you do? I was mad enough to go bang on the resident assistant’s door, but it’s after midnight. I still have to live here.