My bursitis let me sleep 5 hours. What a relief! Tonight I cooked my first real meal in days. I had Mexican squash, onion, tomato, mushrooms, ham cubes, avocado, cheddar and eggs scrambled together, with some Sriracha bbq sauce on the side. I cook almost everything in coconut oil. Made me wonder if not having coconut oil in a while made me queasier.

In an effort to make me perkier, Heather gave me some vitamin B12 that I spray in my mouth each day. After she left, I found a blood test from my MG crisis stay that says my B12 was 403 in February. Apparently in Japan, anything under 500 isn’t good. The US considers us just fine at 200. BUT, I found a government page that says older adults can have trouble under 500. B12 helps neurological problems. I wonder if that will help me? Less than $12 on Amazon…..and it tastes good 🙂  I was afraid it was going to be more expensive.

An ambulance and fire truck were here around 10 PM. No idea who it was for. At the moment we probably have at least half a dozen people that are short-timers on this earth. Geezum crow!!!!! The second I wrote that sentence, another ambulance raced in.

In hopefully better news, I have a new next door neighbor. She looks nice. I hope she is 🙂 I said hi as she breezed by with 3 lamps. In bad news…..there is a drug dealer SUV with deep booming speakers who was regularly coming here. I hadn’t seen them in awhile. Today I saw a guy I actually like, doing a drug deal with them in the other parking lot 😦 Oh, the joys of living in a medium-low income subsidized apartment building. Nobody here gets less than me in income, most have more. Enough more to drink, smoke and drug 😦

Uh, oh….the ambulance was here quite awile and left with its lights flashing…..did a 3 point turn, out on our street. Must be they changed their mind about what hospital to go to. We have several.

My hip/butt/back hurts a heck of a lot. I am glad I got a good nap in the middle of the day. I couldn’t possibly get flat right now 😮 While my visitors were here, every night Heather would drag my comfy chair to my room, then drag it back in the morning. I liked having a chair in there! It’s pleasant to sit in the dark, with the window open, looking at different things than what I see from my living room. Now that Heather washed my windows, it’s nicer to look out 🙂

I deperately need a new comfy chair. They are cheap at the DI thrift store, I just need one that’s clean, wide and has a tall back. I wish I had one of those chairs that lifts me up and dumps me out. My comfy chair is disintegrating on the arms. But….no sense getting furniture if I am going to move. Sigh….there is NO comfortable position. Maybe floating in water? I wish my belly would heal so I could go swimming.

Argh! I have been writhing around for more than an hour now. Beam me up, Scotty!