I struggled all through yesterday. I had no clue why I felt so bad. But…..the good thing about that was I spent 8 hours straight asleep last night! That almost never happens. I drank 3 cups of water and 2 cups of chocolate milk in the evening, yet never had to pee in the night. In the morning, my pee was orange. That’s pretty bad dehydration! No wonder I had that killer headache. Duh.

Then I sat down to take my meds. What a dummy!!!!! I never took my morning meds yesterday! So, big duh! No wonder I had little strength and kept coughing and choking. No wonder I looked like heck. No wonder I was totally sore and exhausted the whole way to and from the lawyer’s office! How could I forget to take my meds? That means that I only took one Mestinon and one Motrin during a 24 hour period….and none of my other meds.

I will try hard to rehydrate today. I hope I get to relax. Wednesday I have a doc appointment. Ha! As soon as I wrote that, my lawyer sent an email marked URGENT! They needed me to sign more paperwork. I am impressed how hard they are working on my case now that it’s crunch time. Sooo….I had to get dressed for visitors. I am back to relaxing in front of the fan this afternoon 🙂

Lots of strange cars in the parking lot today. Nothing is going on in the community room or lobby, so must be folks have visitors. In the spot my daughter parked in last week, there’s another car with Oregon plates. Hmmmmm……

Usually I don’t stress out much about lab tests. I feel anxiety this time. I don’t want to test positive and I don’t want to test negative! If I have a new disease….that’s a bummer. If what already hurts doesn’t have a name, that’s a bummer! Grrrrrrrrrr…….

Oh, great, there is an outbreak of Bubonic plague in Utah. I looked up the symptoms. It’s most of my usual stuff, plus seizures. I feel bad for the prairie dogs that have it 😦 I haven’t seen a single flea in Utah. I did just squish a spider that got in by the window. Whatever kind of spiders they are, they leave a red smear. Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!!!! It’s just like the one I squished in the bathroom within the last month.