I slept poorly last night and woke up feeling like crap this morning. I kept thinking that any minute, I would feel better. It never happened. Bummer 😦

It was hot today. The local weather says 100 degrees. I am very, very thankful that the forecast the next few days is 80’s. I kept the window open until around 6 PM. I used water to wet down me and my nightgown and sat in front of the fan to stay cool.

The van that has had the creepy guy sleeping in it had to do a 4 point turn to park smack dab between my living room and bedroom windows. Most of the parking lot was empty. I have lost all respect for the owners of the van. Now they are just being jerks. I closed the windows and shades and turned on the A/C. Then I took a 2 hour nap. I was in too much pain to sleep well, so got up for meds.

I thought maybe I would feel like going out to the store. Nope. I haven’t even left my apartment today. My eye is drooped, my voice is broken and I am darned weak all over, plus my guts and head hurt. It’s just one of those days.


The highlight of my day was making lunch from broccoli, onion, portobello mushrooms, diced ham, cheddar, fresh squeezed lime juice, salt, pepper and sour cream. I am using up food that Heather left behind.


The night before, I cooked up broccoli, onion, portobello mushrooms, Chinese bbq pork, Char siu bbq sauce and some leftover rice. Both meals were yummy and easy to fix since Heather had chopped up the broccoli, diced the ham and cooked the rice….and left it in my fridge 🙂

A woman on one of my MG support groups has a husband with MG. She often seems frustrated with him. Today she asked us what a normal day is like for us. Everybody said they nap, sit around, watch TV, hang out on the computer, barely move, feel yucky, etc. I felt better knowing we are all pretty much the same. The wife of the MG’er was still miffed that the guy is a lump 😦 Nobody truly understands unless they have this PITA disease.