I was already stressed out from feeling sick and weak. Then, the van parked in front of my windows. Once it was dark, I opened the window to let in fresh air and listen to the night sounds. I was trying to be calm and collected.

Then the scrungy guy comes out and gets in the van after 11 PM 😦 I was hopping mad. The manager said he could only be a “guest” here for 2 weeks. It has been longer than that. He also said it was illegal to sleep in the van in the parking lot. The RA had told them to park the van in the other lot. That only lasted a couple of days. Why do I have to be the bitch??? Tonight I called the RA around 11:30 PM and said the guy was sleeping in front of my windows again. She made him move to the other side of the parking lot…..but still in view of my apartment.

I suspect that all the creepy people are so used to the manager being lenient, that they basically just laugh at him. I endured the stomper for months….despite the manager’s claims that he repeatedly told her to cut it out. Now there’s the guy in the van. The owner knows I complained, so she makes a point of parking in front of my place….and having her “guest” here for more than 2 weeks.

Sooooooo tired of the drug dealers, the drug takers, the raging alcoholics and the various other creeptoids who skulk around here! There are 3 new people in my hallway. They must all smoke, and have friends who smoke. When I opened my door earlier tonight, the hall was saturated with cigarette smoke. Disgusting 😦

I have never felt more stuck. I am being denied IVIg and am suffering. I have very little money and most goes to rent. I used to like this place better than most in SLC, because it’s a bit classier than other public housing….but it isn’t any more 😦

While I am on a roll….I haven’t mentioned pigeon crap in awhile. It wasn’t too bad with temps in the 80’s. It got bad around 4 PM Thursday after being 100 degrees. Then I didn’t notice it much…..until the sprinklers came on. About an hour after they turned off, the stench of pigeon crap got strong. It generally gets stronger and weaker like this, according to temperature and moisture. Thank goodness it is nowhere near as bad as the first day it went to 100 degrees! It will be nice when the day comes that it doesn’t stink any more.

Pigeon crap was not on my mind this morning until we had temps in the 80’s, then a brief rain storm. Phew!

I feel truly miserable today. I think that there’s a physical problem behind each time I feel extra grouchy. Today my spleen is swollen and putting pressure on my left ribs. That must mean the right sided rib pain was my liver. All my life, they swell up one after the other. The pain has been getting worse by the hour. I keep catching myself crying. That happens when my hormones are nuts and/or I am in lots of pain.

Wow! Good news! There was a knock on my door. It was the manager with a flyer. He put 2 boxes from Amazon on my walker…that I haven’t opened yet. I am too weak. Anyway, one side of the flyer talks about the Pioneer Day Parade that’s going by our place. The rest of the info was saying it’s illegal to be publicly intoxicated and for drug use. “Due to recent events this policy will be enforced rigidly”. I wonder what has been going on besides what I see?

Alcohol….the consumption of alcohol on the grounds or in the common areas is prohibited.

Drugs….the use, possession or sale of illegal drugs on or near the premises is prohibited and are grounds for immediate termination. Management upholds the HUD “ONE STRIKE, YOU’RE OUT” policy concerning drug use per paragraphs 4-7b2 of HUD handbook 4350.3. Therefore any criminal activity that threatens the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of the residents or any drug-related criminal activity on or near such premises, engaged in by resident, any member of the resident’s household, or any guest or other person under the resident’s control, shall be cause for termination of tenancy. In addition to illegal drugs, abuse or sale of prescription drugs on or near the premises is prohibited and grounds for immediate lease termination.

The manager and RA will be on the lookout for any of these offenses; written violations will be issued. No verbal warnings will be issued; there are no exceptions to these rules.

All of our security cameras are now operating; our property is being monitored remotely 24-7 with no exception.

Now all we need is the management here to follow through with their threats. This is very timely. I was about to call some official, somewhere, to talk about these issues. This place feels very creepy nowadays 😦 Sometimes I just plain don’t want to leave my apartment because of the creeptoids that are littered all around the hallways, patio, smoking area, parking lot and sidewalks. I see drug deals here ALL THE TIME! I could easily name a dozen people here who make the place feel like creeptoid central. Life would be a lot more pleasant with them far, far away. It’s about time somebody with authority to do something DID SOMETHING!!!!!

So while the manager was here with his new tough stance written on paper….I asked about the guy sleeping in the van. He is giving him slack! Says he has to leave “soon”, but is not making him abide by the 2 week rule. Says they are NOT allowed to park the van near me. Geeze! The guy is often drunk, doing drugs, is loud and is sleeping in the parking lot. Maybe I should call somebody higher up NOW. The manager has a hard time enforcing rules. He wants to please too many people and be friends. I want him to MANAGE! It sucks to be stuck in a creepy environment 😦

I opened the UPS boxes, not knowing what to expect. OH MY GOSH!!!!! They were gifts from my “secret angel sister” from one of my MG support groups. I never sign up for secret sister because it’s $25 or so to buy a present for a secret sister. I don’t have that much left over each month for me, let alone buying presents for other people. Angel sisters are people who volunteer to buy things for us poor folks. Wow! 🙂 Nice, huh? I had no clue I was going to get something. That cheered me up after all the sordidness of what goes on at this apartment building.


I used up the last of the cut up broccoli stems today. I made almost the same thing as the other day, but added a Mexican squash and an jalapeno to the onion, broccoli, Chinese bbq pork, char siu sauce and portobello mushrooms. I made a fresh batch of sticky rice to go with it. Good lunch 🙂

I have one squash, one jalapeno, one onion and one lime left in the crispers. I am really going to need to go buy more veggies one of these days. I wish I felt better. Yup….one of these days.