Breathing has been getting more difficult each day. Tonight (Friday), I feel like my body is trying to go into myasthenic crisis. Every single breath I take hurts. It hurts most in my right shoulder and the top of my right lung. If I take a big breath or yawn…..OW!!!!!! My ribs ache something fierce from breathing. Now that I am lying down, the boney seam between right and left lungs is wicked painful. I am wheezing very loud. My diaphragm is barely moving on the right side and keeps getting paralyzed on the left. My right lung is not inflating all the way.

On the back side of my left ribs, there is a big swelling. What the heck is that? This feels like pleurisy, asthma, MG and who knows what else….all mixed together. When I got up to come to bed, tears were running down my cheeks. I wasn’t crying on purpose. Seems to be a reaction to the pain. Olive is worried and upset. She knows something is wrong. Me, too.

I wish when I got like this, I could call my neuro, tell him I need IVIg and get fixed up. I dread going through all this again 😦

Now it’s morning. I wanted to sleep a lot later….but Olive went nuts meowing and booping me on the head and smacking my CPAP mask. As I woke up, I realized I was making weird noises in my chest and throat. The cat was right….I needed more Mestinon.

7 AM, I open the windows and there’s a jack hammer going out there. I cannot see it, but it must be close. I wonder what disaster has happened overnight? I open the living room window and golly, gee, there’s the scrungy guy in the van, moving around. I stared at him awhile and sat down.

I really wanted to cook up my last squash with eggs and use my new container of smokehouse maple seasoning, but my strength is almost zilch. I made a pbj, instead. That totally wore me out 😦 Somebody turned gravity waaaaaaaaay up this morning! I feel like I weigh a bazillion pounds. My eyes are drooped, my arms are too heavy to lift and breathing is an olympic sport. Dang it!

I got up from my comfy chair several times, wanting to go buy groceries. Am I crazy? I am so dizzy when I stand that I can’t see. I am so weak that my legs buckle under me. Groceries? Who needs groceries? It’s more likely I will need a hospital than a store. Sigh…..

This keeps happening! Just when I am super bummed out, something to cheer me up comes along. I saw the FedEx truck drive by my window…then there was a faint knock on my door. Oh. My. Gosh! More presents from my MG Secret Angel Sister! Olive got a catnip toy and a bunch of cat springs to bat around. I got new reading glasses in the next higher strength. Gee….I CAN see better now 🙂 Oh, oh, must be my eyes are getting old. I am up to 1.75 glasses.


Me? A druggy? Well, maybe :-p Let’s not tell the manager.


She went home…right?


We aren’t done yet! Nice smile 🙂 Nom, nom, nom….