I got pics of the trucks, but I really wish I could have gotten a pic of the plane! A big plane went right overhead this apartment, while making a sharp turn and tipping its wings. Then it quickly dipped its wing low again and made a sharp turn to the airport, while at the center of downtown SLC. It sounded like it was going to crash or hit us. I could hear screams outside. It certainly seemed lower than allowed by law.

Earlier today, I saw 2 planes from my spot on my comfy chair. Both planes were lower than normal and quite close. They didn’t match and were going in opposite directions. Odd. Somehow the two plane incidents have to be related. I just can’t figure it out yet. Last year an old military B17 bomber did weird things like that. They came here to give vets rides. Maybe them again???

And what the heck is happening on the little stub road between the Department of Workforce Services and this building? There were 6 trucks out there. Not sure if they are messing with phone, electric, cable or what. The internet cable got wonky for awhile.

I talked to the manager today. He would only tell me that there was an “interesting situation” here last night when the cops were called. Oh! For the people who don’t read comments….4 cops were here last night around 11:30. Scared me when they looked in my window! I have no idea what was going on. Cops are often here. No end of creeptoids for cops to show up here for.

Those Medicaid stickers to take Paratransit to doc appointments have never showed up. I called back, she said she would reauthorize them and still no stickers. What else is new?

I got a notice from Amazon Associates. That got me curious. I used to have a blog that was special for promoting books and objects that I thought were important for homesteading, food storage and all that. Over a 4 year period, I made $62.38 🙂 One of my favorite blogs makes well over $1000/month. It helps finance her RV adventures. I had forgotten all about my blog and the huge sum of money I made. That’s around 4 cents per day for me!

In the evening, I made a run to the nearby Asian market. Alas, no sesame balls. They usually only have them in the morning. I got some buns to steam. I decided to try something new to me….green onion steamed buns. $1.89 splurge. I do like scallion pancakes that look sort of the same. Now I just need to be hungry for them one of these days. Here, you can make your own steamed buns if you don’t have an Asian store a few blocks away.

As usual, I felt yucky all day, then a bit better in the early evening, then yucky again. What scares me the most is continued bleeding from that fistula. I am still alive and kicking, even though I am a wreck.