So….there are 7 more business days in this month. Friday is a state holiday. Pioneer Day if you are LDS, and Pie And Beer Day if you are not LDS, or if you are a Jack Mormon. Hmmmm….people not from here probably have no idea what I am talking about. Anyway, 7 days to use my Medicaid stickers, and the 24 July stickers came in the mail today. FINALLY! I do have one medical appointment next week, so I guess I will try them out. July 31st is also the last day of my temporarily unrestricted access to Paratransit….so if any stickers show up next month, they can only be used for trips when the temperature is above 80 degrees. Insert VERY loud scream here!

After 7 PM, those big trucks came back. They are fiddling with wires again.

Thinking about my day, I don’t remember much of it. When I woke up, my belly pain was pretty darn close to 10….with spikes of pain to the max. I contemplated calling 911. Instead, I sat very still for hours and eventually the pain dissipated. Of course the fistula is causing more and more bleeding 😦

I was all excited that a negative HLA-B27 test meant I don’t have ankylosing spondylitis. WRONG. My imaging tests plus my high ESR and CRP can overrule the blood test. In my old age I seem to be seronegative for everything, but still have the chronic illnesses. I am definitely an alien from another planet.

Constantly being sick wears me out mentally and physically. Can you tell?