It was a very rough night. My belly was swollen huge and the skin was very tight on my right side, where my intestines stick out. I was awake for hours, sitting in my chair, rocking back and forth. By the time it started getting light, I was finally exhausted and went back to sleep. Despite the hours awake, I slept 9 hours all together.

Got up, took meds, had some leftover corn chowder, caught up on emails and fell asleep for another 5 hours. Geeze!


When I woke up, it was getting dark. I decided to look in the hallway and found ANOTHER present from my MG secret angel sister! I am stunned. I got 2 rugs for my wicked slippery bathroom floor 🙂 I have wanted a rug or two for more than a year now. I can put them down in a path to the doorway each time I shower. Even though I hold tight to my walker, I am ALWAYS scared when I come out of the shower. By then I have little strength left and am petrified of falling. These rugs make me feel a whole lot better 🙂 I love my roll-in, walk-in shower, but dang, those tiles are slippery when wet!

There really hasn’t been much more than that to my day. I am a zombie. I specialize in pain and stupor. Thursday I have 2 appointments. I hope I can make it through them.