I feel sick, I feel weak. Then I went to my lawyer’s office to go over what will happen during the court trial next week. That’s what started the tears. When I am already sick and weak, anything added to it is too much 😦

It’s depressing and crazy-making to have to go through a trial to get IVIg. Of course all my docs, my lawyers, my counselor, etc. think I should easily win….but none of us are sure I will. Today I saw more emotion from my lawyers than ever before. They think what I have been through in Utah is awful.

Then, my counselor came to visit. He doesn’t understand what’s in it for the opposing side…..besides money. It feels vicious. Why all this hassle to deny treatment? Only the oppostion has a clue.

The first thing I saw when I got home was my grandsons having a good time with his father’s side of the family. That made me cry even harder. I am not much fun in comparison 😦

Today, my street has become tent-city. Hundreds of people are camping out, waiting for the Pioneer Day parade to go by on Friday morning. My street has sprouted porta-johns and signs banning parking. At some point, traffic will be halted. It won’t be a nice, quiet evening with my window open. Lots of screaming out there at 5:30 PM.

Speaking of time, I never shot up insulin and I never ate today. At 5 PM, I took my blood sugar. 88. I am not the slightest bit hungry, but the lack of food was starting to hurt. I made a pb&j sandwich. It will be interesting to see how bad that shoots up my blood sugar. It’s a poor food choice for a diabetic 😦

I have been squandering my tears. By evening, I don’t have much moisture left in my eyes on a good day. How appropriate that today is World Sjogren’s Day. My eyes hurt.