The rush of adrenaline from getting ready for this trial, being in court, talking with my broken voice and listening to false testimony has now evaporated. Yesterday’s righteous indignation is replaced by depression today. The left side of my head has been having some wicked bad shooting pains. I think it’s from my vision being messed up, combined with all the stress. It’s only now that I realize how much stress I was under.

I wrote to my lawyer and asked how she thought it went. She gave a noncommittal answer of both good and bad points. I feel blah. I also thought it could go either way. The deck is stacked against me, though….all that power and money versus a small speck in the universe (me).

My guts still haven’t recovered. But….it surprised the heck out of me when my voice worked this afternoon! I guess I finally got enough sleep to replenish some of my strength.

I am pretty much devoid of ambition. I am in suspended animation. Which way will my life turn next?