Olive runs to the window to watch all helicopters and the source of all sirens. It’s tiring work 🙂

This morning there were a bunch of cop cars making that whoop, whoop sound when you are supposed to pull over. Sounded like it was within a block. Then there were ambulance and fire sirens for hours. Next thing I know, an ambulance and fire truck pulled in here. They went upstairs.

A couple of nights ago, at a TRAX station nearby, cops were chasing some guys that hit an electric pole and broke it. I sure heard lots of sirens for that one!

Then last night, some guy got on at the Courthouse station with a knife and mace, sprayed people, then jumped off at the next station and got away. What really, really freaks me out is that I think I was on TRAX with him the day before when I went to Rancho, I got on at Courthouse. He talked to himself and to some unknown entity the whole time. We were sitting diagonally from each other. He was also talking to objects in his hand. He made nonsensical comments about me, but I just kept looking out the window.

We had already been at a stop awhile when he told his backpack that they had better get off the train now so they didn’t get in trouble. He quick pushed the button and jumped off. The guy scared me. I felt huge relief when he was gone.

Not an hour went by all day without sirens within a block. I found out on the news that there was a fatal crash on State Street tonight. Geeze! Thank goodness not every day/week is like this! What’s up with all the craziness?

Then between 5:30 and 6 PM, I kept falling asleep in my chair. I crawled in bed and took a 4 hour nap. I was very bummed that I slept right through an intense thunderstorm. Winds were like 50 mph and it dropped a lot of rain in a short time. I watched the weather on 2 different stations and they showed the clouds billowing and slamming into SLC. Cool! Oh, and it was cool…..temps dropped 20 degrees.

Last night at 10 PM, I made a pot of posole. I had it for yesterday’s supper and today’s brunch and supper. I was scared while cooking. I was falling all over the place. It’s the most I have stood on my feet in a long time. Things were slipping out of my grasp and my lungs were in agony. It was all worth it once I could sit down to rest and eat 🙂

I still think the generic Mestinon Timespan is what’s making me so wimpy. Since the lawyer pointed out in court that insurance has been paying for Mestinon all this time, I am just waiting for a denial of that to come along, too. Scary 😦

For months now I have been trying to figure out where to move next. The 2 top contenders are Austin, TX and Burlington, VT. Austin to be near my daughter, Burlington to be near my good neuro. I spend hours searching online for ideas. It’s not easy finding housing anywhere. Sigh…..

Technically, this is the nicest senior apartment I have ever lived in. My apartment is nice inside. Too bad there is so much drug and cigarette smoke in the air and crime inside and outside the building. Public housing is a double edged sword. I can afford it (barely), but there are all sorts of strange people around….doing strange things. Too bad it’s in Utah 😛 I sure won’t miss the crappy air quality. This valley has been worse than Beijing, China during inversions. I live in Smog Lake City.

On the news every day, they talk about water conservation in the desert….especially when it comes to watering lawns. The sprinkler is on right now. Apparently SLC uses more water per person than anywhere in the US. It’s because of stupid stuff like this. Sigh……I think I care about stuff too much……but really too few people care at all.