I spent the first half of the day feeling awful and the second half working on Part 2 of WNV. I got very wrapped up in reading posts from 2013. In retrospect, it’s easy to see when I must have had a mild version of Guillain-Barré. I woke up one day and suddenly had neuropathy. I got numb and I got paralyzed. It kept fluctuating. After that, I got my power chair. Over time, the GB became CIDP. Now I understand why my last neuro was convinced I have CIDP…..and he didn’t even know any of this history! Thanks to me trying to research what he thought was wrong, I have a rudimentary understanding. Then, when I read what happened to me in 2013, it was as plain as plain could be! Wow! All these years I tought Guillain-Barré had to result in total paralyzation. It doesn’t. Some people can walk the whole time they have it. It’s often a complication of WNV.

It’s too bad the big hospital has wasted so much time trying to undiagnose my MG and no time trying to figure out how WNV affected me. I did go there to the ER when I instantly got neuropathy. The follow up was with the evil neuro who just said I didn’t have neuropathy a few months before…..so I didn’t have it now. No tests, nothing. He was a supreme know-it-all. He’s the one who walked in the room and declared I didn’t have MG.


Olive got a new squeaky mouse yesterday. She played with it off and on all afternoon. The second I was dropping off to sleep, there was non-stop squeak, squeak, squeak. Cats…..gotta love ’em. Ingrid….Olive thanks you profusely 🙂