Saturday I got a package of bread soup bowls from the free table. I made a pastrami sandwich with cheese, grilled in the Foreman and ate it with some coleslaw I whipped up. I used half a bread bowl, since they make 4 good slices.

Sunday I toasted the end pieces in the Foreman to go with a bowl of posole.

Today I decided to make French toast. I sliced the bowl into fours and put 2 slices of the dipped bread into my waffle maker. Then BOOM!!!!!! There’s a latch on the waffle maker. It blew across the kitchen. Ummmmm…..oooooops. Next time I will make French toast using the Foreman 🙂

I have been awfully droopy. After I took this picture, I switched from generic, back to name brand Mestinon Timespan. My eye opened. I felt a heck of a lot better. Later, I went over to DI to look for kid books. Nothing caught me eye. I went over to the plus size shirts and saw several of the ones I donated were on the rack. I was shocked and awed when I found a fairly new looking fuzzy lined, black winter coat that was my size! Then I toodled around the store, looking at everything.

I had no intentions of replacing my waffle iron, but there was a Vitantonio Premier Belgian Waffle Maker, Model 1550 for $3. I plugged it in and it got hot. Yes! The average price for these that I found for sale used, online, was $50. I knew it must be a good one. It’s quite heavy. Well…that was unexpected 🙂

Got back to the apartment after being gone maybe half an hour. It was hot and sunny out there. The first thing the manager said to me was that I looked droopy and I should go home and take a Mestinon. I can’t get away with anything! I was 2 hours late to take my next dose of Timespan. Ooops! I felt so much better on the high octane stuff that I just plain forgot.

I finally calmed down enough this week to decide to call the woman who seems to be the boss of my neuro. I want her to explain what’s going on. I called at 9 AM and she never called back. Pfffffffftttttttt!