Today is voting day for SLC mayor and council 4 representative. We got mail-in ballots, but I procrastinated. I am kind of glad I did.


Really….I thought you would never find me here. 

So, I go in my room to change clothes to go out and about. Olive wasn’t in the living room and I couldn’t find her in the bedroom. Then a movement caught my eye. Olive found my new coat in the laundry basket. Apparently it’s extra comfy 🙂

My voting spot was Trolley Square. I wondered where it would be? In one of the stores? I followed the signs and arrows. I went down a ramp and was by mailboxes with no way to anything. There were stairs up. I went back up the ramp and to the next door that said polling place. No handicap access. Then I found a door wth a ramp and button to press. For people who knew there was an inside to Trolley Square… no doubt find this hilarious. I did not know there was an enclosed space. I had been up and down the sidewalks in the past….in an effort to get to Whole Foods or away from it. I saw what looked like separate buildings with separate stores. I always hated the maze all around there. Almost every sidewalk or alleyway leads to stairs, with no way for a wheelchair to escape.

I found the polling place in an empty store, put my envelope in the pouch and got a sticker that said I voted. I told them I was glad I came because I didn’t know there was an inside to Trolley Square. Total silence and dumbfounded looks.

So I went all around to look at the shops on both levels. Cool elevator with glass to see out. The first floor had really old bricks that had been heavily epoxied. Very bumpy in a wheelchair. Just the sort of place I would have tripped every step or two back when I could walk. Lots of curiously matching couples at the Old Spaghetti Warehouse. All the guys matched, all the women matched. They were having a raucous good time! One place was just for eyebrows. EYEBROWS!!??!!?? I guess the more money you have, the more you have to search out ways to spend it. They use silk threads to pull out your eyebrow hairs. In 2007, a guy with a big gun shot 5 people there, then he was killed. Maybe those are the bad vibes I felt?

My experience both inside out outside Trolley Square was like my trip one day to Gateway Mall. Not very handicap friendly. I only found 2 doors in the whole place that a wheelchair could exit. There were stairs eveywhere. I finally went out what I consider the front, near Whole Foods. I went on my usual tourist trip through the aisles. I usually only buy cinnamon toothpaste there. I did score a quarter of a snickerdoodle for a free sample. I saw something jaw-dropping amazing today. 8 hamburger buns for $5.49. A lot like asparagus in water for $5.99 :-p

I started off for Trader Joe’s. Squeezed past the tables and chairs outside of Whole Foods that were blocking the curb cut and went to the corner. The entire sidewalk was closed off to pour new cement. I had already had to go 3 extra blocks on the way there to avoid similar spots! So I turned around and went back inside Trolley Square. I systematically went to all the doors and discovered the only one I could go out was the original one I had come in for voting. I was starting to panic and get scared 😦

I made it to Trader Joe’s and got a tiny piece of pizza and some strawberry lemonade free samples. Went out to TRAX and wasn’t willing to wait 8 minutes in the sun for the train. I went over to Smith’s for a $2 gallon of milk and a marked down package of naan bread for $1.49. Then I went home on the sidewalks.

I have spent the rest of the day trying to regain my strength. We are having scattered showers with some impressive thunder and lightning. It was HOT before the showers came along. Just north of here, a town got .27″ of rain in 10 minutes. I am maybe 6 or 8 feet from the window. The gusts of rain came through the screen and hit me in my chair. The counter was soaked. I cleaned up, closed the window and now hail is bouncing off the window. Most impressive hit since I have lived here.