I went to bed early. I was in too much pain to sit up any longer. I had extreme night sweats. Now my whole apartment smells like strong vinegar. What kind of evil night sweats are these??? And….I kept taking my CPAP mask off in my sleep. Olive woke me up each time to tell me. I think I took it off because I felt like I was suffocating and because I was soaked. Then there’s the A/C. It cycles on and off. Each time it was off….so was my blanket. I only know that becuase I would wake up freezing when the A/C was blasting. Then there were the dreams. I was dreaming that I was having a hard time breathing. So, at 3 AM, I got up, turned off the A/C and opened the windows to get rid of the vinegar vapors. Now I understand why I couldn’t breathe. The air is thick with smoke from wildfires. It stings my eyes and I am now busy sneezing and blowing my nose. I am not a happy camper 😦 I take breathing seriously!

I was burning up last night before I got in bed. I probably should have taken my temperature. Usually when I am feverish, my brain doesn’t work well enough to do sensible things. I am wondering if the colon to organ fistulas are causing infection? They are certainly causing pain.

The morning news says we have moderate air quality. Hard to believe it’s that good. Most of the wildfires smoking us out are in northern California and in Idaho.

Ugh. I have a horrendous headache from the smoke and lack of sleep. Soooooooooo tired…….

I went back to sleep less than 2 hours after I got up….and slept until 11 AM. 9 hours sort of asleep, but they were anything but restful hours. I think I was dreaming the whole time. That wore me out.

I have quite the love/hate relationship with food. When I eat, I pay for it for hours and/or days. I am queasy if I eat and queasy if I don’t. I went to bed hungry last night so I didn’t have to deal with the gut distress. It took me a few hours to get hungry this morning, but I then cooked a meal of Mexican squash, onion, ham, eggs and Oaxaca cheese. Then it was back to visiting the bathroom every few minutes. Sigh…..this is getting old. I hate gastroparesis!!!!! My guts are either not moving or moving too well. I am almost always queasy 😦 When it’s at the worst, I cannot burp or pass gas. You never realize how important that is to relieve pressure….until you can’t do it!

The smoke does not seem as bad in the day time, but it still stings and makes breathing even more painful than usual. The air is hazy.

My apartment is a few blocks from that last big building to the left, near the margin of the photo. All the tallest buildings are pretty much in a row from the capitol building at the far right to the Grand America, which is the last big building to the left (with a mountain in the background). The top graph is particulates today. The bottom is ozone….both are in the yellow or “moderate” air quality. Cough, cough….choke, choke. I wish I was only moderately affected. My ribs hurt!

I am feeling very blah today. There are things I need to do, but I have no energy to move at all. Most of me hurts and I am nauseous. Blah. Yuck. Ick. Gross 😦

Olive is the cute one here 🙂 I catch her sleeping, then the flash wakes her up. I always get THE LOOK for bothering her.