What parts did you think I meant? I was playing with my eyes. All Saturday morning my right eye has been doing the buzzing, quivering twitching thing. I stood in front of the mirror and moved my head all around to watch what my eyes did. My right eye was not moving like my left eye. When I turned my head, the right eye would kind of get stuck at the bottom and then quickly hop to where it was supposed to be. I never get tired of watching stuff like that. Yup…..easily amused 🙂

Just before I went into MG crisis in February, one of my eyes went up. With MG, the eye muscles are wonky!

It was several days ago when the blanket incident happened. My teeth and the inside of my mouth still hurt from that mishap! I really bit into my flesh 😦

I didn’t do much today. Something always hurt or my head was busy spinning. Then around 8 PM, I felt like going grocery shopping. I wanted some milk since I don’t seem to be able to stay hydrated with water. I wheeled it to Smith’s and Trader Joe’s. I spent less than $5 at Joe’s and not much more at Smith’s. There was no tart cherry juice at Trader Joe’s!!! So many things I like and buy seem to quickly disappear. I liked their orange oil room spray last year. There also were no half gallons of vanilla ice cream. At Smith’s, I got a milk off the bottom shelf, put it in my cooler bag and went to pay. When I lifted it up….milk oozed everywhere and my cooler was coated in milk. The cashier got me a new gallon. What a mess!

There were stacks of barricades at every corner of my street. How did I miss the whole thing? Glad I did 🙂 Since the street drains were taped over and there was colored cornstarch here and there, I figured it must be the Color Run, like last year. I looked it up. Yup. I passed a lone guy loading porta johns on a big truck. I am always amazed how quickly festivals are cleared and cleaned when they are over.

I was only gone an hour, but it totally wore me out. I was having WNV flash-backs. Back then, EVERYTHING made me burst into tears. I felt like that tonight because of the spilled milk, the parades of cars full of couples as I waited on the TRAX platform, and several other things. TJ’s was bumming me out left and right. The free sample was beans with bbq sauce. Guess what I had for supper? Yup! Beans with bbq sauce. Theirs had Kansas City sauce, I used their Carolina Gold mustard based bbq sauce….with some catsup, maple syrup, sauteed onions and 2 thinly sliced hot dogs in mine. I also put half a diced avocado on top 🙂

Remember I said there was NO WAY that I wanted a piece of the garden action here? Just as I predicted, it has resulted in screaming, altercations and intrigue. Sooooooo glad I wanted no part in it. If the scuttlebutt can be believed, the manager has threatened to pave it over 🙂 Today’s drama was the case of the missing tomatoes.

As always, Olive is the cute one here 🙂