It’s nice to have blue skies and cleaner air. Instead of smoke, I woke up to the smell of car exhaust and then lawnmowers and weed wackers. I guess the weather camera is busted. Every time I have gone to get a pic yesterday and today, there’s just the symbol for a broken picture. I wanted to show you how much better the air is getting. Wednesday we are expecting rain and a drop in temperatures.

At 12:30 AM it’s 95 degrees. I went over to Deseret Industries thrift store to buy a Christmas popcorn tin to keep cat food in. A dollar well spent 🙂 The latest cat food bag I got was not resealable. Just traveling a block over there was awful. I felt very weak when I got to the store. I tried to look at cookbooks, but my eyeballs were jiggling all over. This time I could actually feel them moving. Creepy! It has been getting harder to read each day. At first I thought I was queasy from the heat, but I have been sitting in pure A/C for a couple of hours, and I am only getting worse…..both my eyes and my guts 😦

Here’s 5 PM. The clouds are rolling in for th rain that’s coming. It has been way too hot the last couple of days. I am looking forward to the cooler weather!

About half an hour ago, there was a knock on my door. A guy brought me a bunch of papers that I had put in the big dumpster recycling bin yesterday. He said they were out in the lobby tonight. That means someone went through the dumpster and took out stuff…..with the hope of identity theft. I feel sooooooo screwed. Just great. It was mostly stacks of medical releases to past doctors. Each had my signature. Someone had to climb in the dumpster to get them out. I suppose I need to talk to Social Security…..or somebody???

I still have the earaches….but now am getting worried. I have a wicked bad sore throat to go with it. Is it just allergies, or something else? Bummer. I feel like I have the flu…I hurt all over. I just go through these cycles every so often…but sometimes it turns into worse than a passing thing. Not sure yet if it’s just the usual. Last night I noticed the first swollen lymph nodes. Now they are everywhere. Sigh…..