Have you heard about the class action lawsuit? You can choose to get $25 cash or $50 in coupons. I picked the coupons. They had better be good ones! It’s interesting about this….I often compared two brands side by side and wondered why this brand seemed to have less. Now we know! Sign up now.

Starkist Tuna Refund or Coupons

I slept 9 hours and only woke up once to go pee. What a treat to sleep so long! 🙂 I thought that would translate to feeling better today. Ha ha ha ha ha…… All morning I was very not with-it. It was hard to focus my eyes and my attention. It was cool after noon, so I decided to go get milk. It was advertised in the paper for 2 for $4 and it was marked that way on the shelves. I got home, and the receipt said $2.29. Smith’s is guilty of this over and over and over. Time to investigate them! I called to tell them the sale started at 7 AM Wednesday and they were cheating many, many people by ringing it up at $2.29. The woman was not amused to be talking to me. I used to go there regularly for refunds. Most people probably don’t keep track of what they buy, what it costs and what it’s advertised for…..so they rake in the bucks….ILLEGALLY 😦 29 cents is a big deal to me.

I look like a fat person on meth. The left side of my face is covered in red sores.  These spots look awful. Looking at my head sideways, I now understand why my CPAP head gear pops off the top of my head! The swelling at the bottom of my hairline is there a lot….and it hurts!

I always tell people you will NOT have better living through pharmaceuticals. So many people on support groups look for meds to erase every symptom. But then each med causes more symptoms. After scrolling through all the meds and medical devices on this site, it was once again reinforced why I try to take as few meds as possible.

I rarely have any life other than pain and appointments. Today my eyes drooped shut in the sun and heat, plus my voice disappeared after a few sentences. Sigh….


There aren’t many flowers to take pics of during the heat of summer. This grows next door to the Sprouts store. Wow! I had no idea that there were giant hibiscus flowers. Their name is appropriately Hibiscus grandiflorus. Way bigger than my hands!

And then there’s Olive…the cutest cat ever 🙂