I woke up soaked in night sweats, with Olive meowing like crazy and licking me all over. When I came to, I realized I was wearing my CPAP mask on my forehead. I got up in self-defense. After a trip to the bathroom, I discovered I had been asleep about 3 hours. I got back in bed, but it was still soaked in sweat. The vinegar smell was too strong to breathe in there. I had just changed the sheets a few hours earlier. I went to turn off the oxygen concentrator and CPAP. Only the CPAP was going. No wonder I took the mask off! I was suffocating without my 5 liters of oxygen. I opened the windows and turned both fans on high. I need to find out what chemical I am sweating out and why?!?!?!?! This is sooooooooo gross!!! Usually when people say they are pickled…..this is NOT what they mean!

It’s creepy to have such a heavy vapor hanging in the air. Apparently the chemical in sweat that smells like vinegar is propionic acid. I have had night sweats for 40 years. Why are they now like pure vinegar? Each time I leave the apartment and come back in….or even come out of the bathroom, the smell of vinegar hits hard. The whole apartment reeks 😦

I felt much better after the night sweats. But a couple of hours later, now the chills have come back. As I type, I am covered in goosebumps. It’s 84 degrees outside at midnight. It has been hot the last couple of days. I hope it really rains on Sunday. We need it.

I did this screenshot earlier in the evening. I wanted to remember the highs. Argh! I am craving potato chips something fierce. That usually happens when I am getting dehydrated. I need salt. Maybe I should make a pot of corn chowder on Sunday? That gets me hydrated and curbs my salt cravings.

Geeze! It’s still 83.3 degrees at 2 AM. I want to go back to bed. My head hurts. But, dang! I am getting to be afraid of sleep. I am ready to feel better now! Just sitting here, waiting for my last meds to kick in.

The crickets are very loud this time of year. I decided to listen to cricket chirps on the internet to see if they sounded the same. Guess what? The crickets outside my window stopped when they heard the recording! I guess they don’t like foreign crickets. Interesting. I tried a different sound bite and the same thing happened. They keep on chirping if I have the TV on.

If you don’t have your own crickets……here you go.