I bailed on the corn chowder. Instead I made enough steamed vegies, sticky rice and peanut sauce for a couple of meals. I put half an avocado on top.


That was a really yummy lunch. I cooked the Chinese sausage and diced Chinese bbq pork in with the sticky rice. Then in the steamer was bok choy, a Mexican squash and several green onions. I mixed together coconut milk, peanut butter, Chinese sweet chili sauce, oyster sauce and fish sauce in a bowl and nuked until melted to I could blend it together. Avocado on top.

I have to admit….it’s cool to think that someone I once knew in person is running for president. I always liked Bernie Sanders because he is one of the most principled people I know…..pretty much the polar opposite of Donald Trump. It’s interesting they are at/near the top. That explains a lot about the level of contention in this country.

What I most like about Trump is that he is a caricature. He is so outrageous and such a jerk, that he is fascinating to watch. I am scared about people who take him seriously as a candidate to run this country 😮 What are they thinking? What’s the appeal? What sort of hope does he give them for a better day to day life? Nope. Don’t get it.

Oh, Lord! The stuff that goes on in front of my window! First a woman and her two unsavory adult children stood out there and smoked cigarettes…..with it all coming in my open window. Each time the mother would suck in a bunch of air, then blow out the smoke straight to my window. Then a few minutes later, the van owner came walking by with the guy who is banned from this property….you know, the guy who was living in the parking lot. He left alone, with a big backpack he got out of the van. As he went by, he turned and gave me a long stare. A few minutes after that, a guy who used to live in his car in the parking lot this winter, got out of his car, started swearing, and stomped past. He has been in jail ever since it was cold out. Is this let the creeps out of jail day? Last night I saw his mother in the hallway in her nightgown (lease violation). She was creeping between rooms. Creep is the word for all of them. Sooo many people here have children who spend their lives bouncing in and out of prison……or hanging out wth those that do. The scourge is drugs, alcohol and cigarettes 😦 Do I feel unsafe here? You betcha!

Until I moved into my first subsidized apartment, I didn’t run into these sordid types very often. The guy fresh out of jail just came back out to his car. His mother and sister have been taking care of the guy’s dog for months. He scooped it up amid swearing and yelling and drove off with his mother 😮 This mother had a restraining order against him when she first moved here. Cops kept coming. Next thing I know the guy is staying here! Then he was in trouble again and just lived in the parking lot. Now, Lord only knows what’s next.

Heck, cops were called multiple times on the guy sleeping in the van. He keeps popping up anyway. The van owner’s best friend says she plans on leaving her husband and taking off with the homeless druggy. I seriously want to go hide somewhere far from this sort of city people! Hmmmm…..maybe they are the sort of people who like Trump?

Now, a huge, long ladder truck just drove in slowly. No ambulance. I stuck my head out the door and watched a bunch of firefighters trudge into Sally’s house. They brought no stretcher. Now a cop parked in front of my window and the fire truck took off. Maybe that’s the end of Sally? I just talked to her a couple of days ago….or at least I tried. It was Friday when I came home from the doc and my voice didn’t work. Truthfully? I hope she did die. It’s got to be better to be dead than half dead and in pain 😦 Being old and disabled is not for sissies. I am a sissy! Sally has been dragged off in ambulances more than anyone here. Last night I went by her apartment at midnight. I had the willies and wondered if she was dead.

The cop came out, got something out of his car and waited. An unmarked black car drove up and talked to him. He looked sad and shook his head a lot. The cop looks bummed. I am glad I don’t have a job like that. It must be hard to see what they see 😦 The cop just keeps messing with stuff in his car and looking sad. Every once in a while he looks at me with his sad face. I feel real bad for him.

Now the crime scene cop is here. I hope it’s “just” an unattended death, and not a homicide! When I started writing about all the creepy scenes in front of my window today, I wasn’t expecting this 😦

The cop in front of my window drove off, went into the parking garage and up on the roof. I wonder if he went up there to cry? He was obviously shaken up. I wonder how she died and how long she was there before someone looked? Eeeeeewwwwwwww…….  My brother in law used to be a cop. He told some pretty gruesome stories. He would laugh about them….but only to keep from crying in front of us 😦 A very tough thing to do for a living!

It took hours with the crime scene investigators here. Finally a hearse came and took Sally away. I hope she is in a better place.

A few of us were sitting outside when Sally’s body was taken away. We were talking about various things. I haven’t talked with people here much lately. I had no idea of all the stuff going on! One guy said 5 apartments worth of people have been kicked out of here, starting September 1st. Some names I recognized as perennial troublemakers. I guess the manager’s threats were real this time. That’s some good news in the midst of chaos. I wish he would screen people better to begin with.

It’s a good thing I eased into subsidized senior apartments in the Adirondacks. I was shocked at the drinking, drugging and smoking…..but that was tame compared to this place! I have led a very naive and sheltered life. Thank goodness!!!!!!!

Well, it has been quite a day. My high fever happened earlier and was gone by 8. I have seen too much.