This morning I had to reset my modem for about the “bazillionth” time. I called Comcast to find out if it was another outage. I was told no….they could remotely tell that the modem was defective. They had me reset it again while we were on the phone. I could just barely understand the person. She wanted me to bring the modem to a service center or schedule a guy to come out and replace it. I had to have her repeat things over and over. Finally I said I would call back later. I knew if I kept trying to understand her, I was going to blow up.

I prepared lunch, I played some solitaire, I made a phone call to the doc’s office. I figured I was calmer now. I called back the # for Comcast and got another person, this time of undtermined gender, who must have had English as their 4th language of choice 😦 I did not understand more than 1 in 5 words. I asked her for the service center addresses. She was on the phone with me, but waiting for her computer to work for more than 5 minutes. She said the system was “updating”. I wanted to hang up again. Instead, I waited until the info finally popped up for her. I asked for the 2 closest centers.

Then I went out to the community computer, used Google Maps, and tried to find out how to get there with public transportation. Either location required a combo of TRAX and buses, plus walking (rolling). One center was 58 minutes away, one was an hour and 12 minutes. I wrote down the instructions. Between the fluorescent lights and the heat in that little room, I felt really awful 😦 I went outside, did a lap in the parking lot and came back to my apartment. I sat here in the A/C for a couple of hours and chilled out.

I unpacked the modem that had been on the back of my power chair and plugged it in. Now it works! I had unplugged, let it sit and did the whole retry thing a bunch of times with no luck. I guess it just wanted to go for a ride on my chair.

So…..if I disappear after this, it’s probably just my modem acting up. Here’s hoping I do not need to go all that way to get a new one.