Things sure are happening around here. People moved out yesterday and today. I talked to the manager this afternoon and he said he’s working on kicking more druggies out. Yet minutes later, there was a classic meth user sitting in his office…here to talk about moving in. It’s time he started doing background checks! Today I heard about a couple that he moved in that have drug convictions, that he let live here anyways. I wonder how he would feel if this is where he went home to at night???

I have not trusted the woman who does my laundry ever since two sheets plus numerous pillowcases and towels have come up missing. Now I have a dilemma. She has gotten tight with the drug and alcohol abusers. She is looking and acting weird. She spreads lies daily and has caused trouble here since before I moved in. At what point do I stop paying her to help me? Amid the last few days of craziness here, she has shown herself to be someone I don’t trust in my house. I have been thinking these things for months, but the balance may have tipped too far now. Another thing to think about and to feel bad about 😦

This building and many of the people in it have me on edge. I never feel comfortable and safe any more. There are fist fights here regularly. Shouting matches constantly. There’s the guy with guns and a temper, there are drug deals everywhere I look. It wasn’t this bad when I first moved here 😮 It’s a lot like gang wars. You know who is who. People separate into factions.

I was sitting home, stewing about all the drama and decided it couldn’t be any more dangerous to go shopping in the dark than stay here. I stuck the city provided orange and reflective flag into my chair and wore a head lamp that was flashing. I wheeled it to Smiths for $2 milk, then went over to Trader Joe’s for green dragon hot sauce, a dozen eggs and a bottle of peach juice. I asked a Trader Joe’s guy about the missing tart cherry juice. He went and checked. There isn’t any in the warehouse, but it will show up again some time. I hope he’s right and it’s not discontinued. I was a big spender again at $12.47 all together.

Came home on TRAX so I only had to wheel-it 3 blocks. Drivers were behaving at crosswalks tonight. Bicyclists suck! One guy brushed against me while going really fast. I hate bicycles on sidewalks. There are designated bike lanes, but the sort of people who like to terrorize others aren’t interested in using bike lanes. No sport in that. A skate boarder scared me so bad that I drove off the sidewalk to evade him… the precise moment the sprinklers turned on. Geeze. It’s actually refreshing to go somewhere with not a single close call with a car!

As I dream more and more about leaving SLC, the shortcomings here seem even more glaring. At least we had good air today 🙂