Yesterday a fire started at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was 60% contained Tuesday night, but that must have changed this morning. It’s very windy and the smoke is now here in SLC. Instant headache. Instant choking. Instant stinging eyes. Bummer! It’s very sad to have a fire going on there. I hate to see the trees being killed 😦 Why is it that all the most expensive homes are built in the most dangerous areas? One of those imponderables.

My fever seems to be wavering. It was weird to wake up with only a faint vinegar smell. I am still having chills. Wednesday night my temperature is up to 100 degrees. So tired of being weak and dizzy!

I am getting more and more disgusted with support groups. People post off-the-wall health claims, quack interpretations of illness and just plain wrong info. On the strength of one or two sentences from a stranger, people write to say thank you and agree to change their meds, buy a strange supplement or embrace a totally unfounded belief. People weren’t always this stupid….were they????? What people out there still embrace critical thinking skills and science? I need to find them and go hang out. I want to be edified, not dumbed down. I am dumb enough already. Sigh….. Gee, I wrote that and then found the above meme on Calvin’s page. Perfect timing 🙂

Maybe I need to go put myself on a broken off iceberg and float away into blissful oblivion? That would certainly solve lots of problems! This prolonged fever and mystery infection is making my MG worse. The usual breathing, swallowing, seeing and getting out of a chair are problematic. it’s wiping me out. Besides smoke, it was a day with elevated pollen in the air. It has been windy, whipping all these things into the air. I blew my nose and sneezed a lot.

I avoided people today. The drama has gotten toxic. I have enough problems of my own. It seemed unnaturally calm outside my window. Just a few PITA people. Yes! 🙂 This was my favorite Trump meme today. There are so many people in the news making fools of themselves. As usual, I expect that people should be honorable and play nice. Sigh……

Speaking of things that confuse me and make me mad…..I was just looking through my YouTube videos. I remember how scared I was that day. My eyes wouldn’t open and I was very weak. Sooooooooooo unfair that I cannot just get IVIg and go back to at least pretending to be a normal human being!

I miss being somewhat functional. My floor desperately needs mopping. I am too weak.