It’s a major production to schedule a CT appointment and get premeds for it. Ever since I have been in Utah, I have been forbidden to get CT scans with contrast. I have written about it before. A bunch of times I got right to imaging and was told NO, they would not let me get contrast dye. Each time it was supposedly worked out ahead of time.

The nurse called to tell me I needed contrast for this. I have to take two 50 mg doses of prednisone and a dose of Benadryl at certain intervals before the test. I remember being willing to do that before, but ultimately either the doc involved or the imaging center refused. It was such a nightmare with my internist, the doc on call and the nurse last time. So far, it’s still a fight with the GP, nurse and hospital this time. I am letting them duke it out amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, I am very weak! I made myself a little pizza from a Trader Joe’s naan bread, red pepper spread with eggplant and garlic, sundried tomatoes, olive tapenade, 2 slices prosciutto, some fresh basil, black olives and pizza cheese. Mmmmmmmmmm……..good 🙂 But there was a problem. While chewing, I aspirated a piece of the crust. I wanted to die. That pipe does not like having food in it…..especially crunchy food. I choked until it felt like my lungs and guts were going to come out 😦 My throat is raw, my windpipe hurts, my chest is on fire, my ribs ache…and then some. My strength is about used up.

It would be more pleasant to just drop dead and get it over with. Dying from breathing problems is not an easy death. Dying from sepsis isn’t much fun, either. That’s what happened to my mother…sepsis. I have repeatedly been told docs will only operate on me if I am probably going to die, since gut surgery for me only has a 20% survival rate. And now I don’t have a neurologist….and I need an IVIg more than ever. Talk about between a rock and a hard place!

Well…..there are so many people praying for me that all of this medical stuff might just go away

I watched a drug deal go down in front of my window. Again. I guess people who do this sort of thing don’t have much brain power.