I went to bed early last night, I slept late. Took morning meds and felt horrible. Went back to sleep until around 1:30 PM. I felt good for maybe two minutes. Last night the quivering, buzzing tuning fork effect came back in my legs. Today it’s my arms, too. I feel like I am barely hanging on. I am quivering all over.

I feel raw under my skin. Don’t know how else to describe this sort of illness. My lungs feel raw and burn. I know I don’t have the flu….but it’s the same sort of achiness all over.

My lungs have been on fire for days. The effort to breathe wears me out! I hate that moment when my diaphragm just stops. I choke, and then all the bones in the top of my chestĀ sting.

I feel a lot like someone kicked the heck out of my chest and abdomen.

I have been worthless for days. When I stand up, there’s a whole lot of whooshing in my head. I also stumble around like a drunk. My head wants to explode.