This afternoon everything started coming together. A guy in my doc’s office called to say my belly wound was infected with staph and yeast. He said he was sorry the CT scan had not happened yet and he would do what he could to make sure I got an appointment.

I had to send the pharmacist over the list of meds that aren’t good with MG. It took so long for the pharmacist and doc to work out what I should take, that it was too late to go get my meds today. Sigh……

Then the hospital called and my CT scan is Thursday. I have to go in early to drink barium and to get my port accessed for the contrast dye. I take my first prednisone at 10:30 tonight, the next at 4:30 AM and the pred and Benadryl at 11:30 AM. My phone’s alarm is going to get a work-out.

I wrote yet another email to the lawyers. This time they answered. No one has heard from the judge about my IVIg trial. It has been 45 days. She said she was going to rule in 14 to 21 days.

And me? I am still feeling wicked bad sick. My voice has been broken thanks to the infection/fevers. Every bit of my body hurts. Hopefully after I get and take my meds on Thursday, I will start to feel better. Not very good timing for steroids since they slow healing. Oh, well…..

Now let’s hope the CT doesn’t show anything too bad!

It has got to get better…..right????

I have very much appreciated your notes and prayers. I don’t know what I would do without God and friends.

Oh! And I have some good news 🙂 More evictions!!!! The woman drug dealer in my hallway has been evicted! And some other low-lifes. I am impressed the manager has cracked down on some of the worst of the worst! I hope he continues to catch and toss the creeptoids. There are still a few to go. They know they are being videoed and they still screw up! Geeze.