Well, tonight I went to get up from my chair, when I fell back in it. I had to use the bathroom, so I did not have time to rest. The extra effort to get up a second time, zapped my strength and broke my voice. I found three new ways to get my voice back. There is no one else in the world I would burp loud in front of, other than my kid πŸ™‚ I have been burping a lot from doxycycline. I discovered that when I burped really loud, my voice would then work for a minute or less πŸ™‚ Fletcher was fascinated.

Fletcher started showing me how long his tongue is and wanted to see how far I could stick my tongue out. I touched my chin. Dang! That hurt. But my voice worked for maybe 2 minutes afterwards!

Then later, I wanted to show Heather the hole in my gum and tooth. I pulled up my lips so she could see, and I have been able to talk since then! So opening my mouth really wide while pulling my lips apart works the same as holding my eye open with my fingers. Who knew?

The whole voice thing just gets more interesting all the time πŸ™‚

I did pretty good for me, this morning…but between 8 and 9 AM, I got weaker and weaker. I was supposed to take a Mestinon by 6 AM. Oooops. Then my left eye tried to close and my voice got broken. I got really dizzy.

That’s when Heather and the boys took off grocery shopping. The kids had devoured their yogurt and needed more. Then they blew off steam at a playground. By the time they came back, my eyes and voice worked again, since the Mestinon had kicked in.

Mostly me and the kids talked and played, while Heather did many loads of laundry. Once she leaves, I have vowed to do my own laundry each time the laundry bag is full. I hope I have the strength. It will save me the $10 I pay the laundry lady each time.

Olive was brave again today. She lets Fletcher pet her, but runs when Porter gets too close.

I realize after the fact, that as I chatter and play with the kids, Heather is busy doing stuff like cooking, cleaning and laundry. What takes me hours of working, resting, working, resting…Heather zips right through. Ahhhhh…..to be young, supple and agile! Each time I do anything, my eye droops or my voice breaks or I hurt from head to toes.

I hate admitting to or talking about fibromyalgia, but I have been diagnosed with it for decades…..before it even was called that. With kids stepping on me, climbing on me, elbowing me, etc, I realize how much I hurt and am sensitive everywhere. Stupid fibro! And I have old lady skin. They were only here a few minutes when a sneaker to my toe, ripped my skin and started me bleeding. It didn’t want to stop with a tissue, but stopped after I wrapped a bandaid tight around the blood. Geeze.

We had some thunder and a bit of rain here. Tuesday it’s supposed to be rainy off and on all day. We have been promised fresh baked goods to warm up the apartment πŸ™‚ The forecast says our high will be in the 60’s.